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Now we must #CountEveryVote

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The League of Women Voters
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.


As I reflect upon the 2020 election cycle, the most important story I see is the remarkable determination of the American voter. Through a pandemic, shifting voting laws, disinformation campaigns, and numerous other hurdles, voters rallied to make their voices heard in greater numbers than ever before. Things may feel messy right now, but we must remain encouraged. While we may not have election results for several days, or even weeks, as an unprecedented number of votes are counted, we can celebrate the resilience of democracy in the United States of America while we exercise patience waiting for final results. 

And I couldn’t be prouder of the role LWV played in ensuring voters had every option to safely cast their ballot in this unique election year.  

From protecting voters through litigation and expanding ballot access, to fighting voter suppression and countering mis and disinformation, we helped protect our democracy. By recruiting poll workers, volunteering our time for the Election Protection coalition, meeting with election officials, and organizing our communities, we helped these elections run as smoothly as possible. And by reaching out to nearly 40,000 candidates for our voter guides and providing up-to-date election changes, making our award-winning election website available in both English and Spanish, we helped more than 6 million voters find the election information they need on VOTE411.org

As we wait for the official results in the days ahead, we can rest assured that the League did our part to ensure voters could participate. And they did! Now comes the really hard part: waiting. It is our role to remind voters that their votes are worth fighting for—and now they are also worth waiting for. It is vitally important to count every vote and ensure the most complete and accurate result—because our democracy is strongest when every voter can exercise that right and have their voice heard.  

So, I want to thank you for your dedication to our organization, to voters, and to democracy. For more than a century, LWV has helped inform voters and ensure voter access. I remain confident in our future because of supporters like you. 

Thank you, 

Virginia Kase

Virginia Kase

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