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A look at some of our work this month.

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October recap

Democracy is worth waiting for

There are a lot of predictions about how the 2020 election will play out on Tuesday, but one thing is almost certain: we are not going to have results on election night.

And that’s okay.  

With the increase in mail-in ballots in every state this year due to COVID-19 risks, immediate results are not possible on November 3. This year, we’re going to have to wait for democracy to run its course. We need to allow time for every vote to be counted accurately and completely. 

We’re facing new challenges to our election system, but our democracy already has the solutions needed to persevere and succeed. If we take our time, we can still ensure election rights, access, and accuracy for all voters.  

Share the message: Our democracy is worth waiting for. 

Have you voted yet?

Time is running out with just three days left till Nov 3. 

More than 85 million voters have already made their voices heard. If you’ve cast your ballot, thank you for voting! And please pass it on — share your voting story on social media and text five friends to learn about their voting plan. We even have Facebook frames you can use to proudly display your photo with an ‘I voted’ sticker: Version 1 | Version 2

If you haven’t yet cast your ballot, now is the time to do so. Remember that VOTE411 is here for you, with the answers to all of those last-minute questions like these:  

  • Where is my polling location?  
  • Is an ID required to vote and which one should I bring?  
  • Who are the candidates and what measures are on my ballot?  
  • And many more! 

Election officials have been hard at work to ensure your health and safety when you go to vote, should you decide to vote in person on or before Nov. 3. And just remember to do the things you’re already doing to protect your health: Wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, stay six feet away from others, and bring your own blue or black pen.

Participating in elections is such an important way to make decisions for yourself, your family, and your community. We all have the opportunity to vote and make our voices heard. If you experience problems voting on or before Election Day, call or text 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683). 

Looking ahead to the 2021 redistricting cycle

Every 10 years, after the collection of census data, states redraw their state and congressional district lines. These districts determine how communities are represented at the local, state, and federal levels. The redistricting process is fundamental in influencing how our government works for us. 

The redistricting process kicks off at the beginning of 2021 and will determine who appears on your ballot, where you can vote, and can influence whether your elected officials respond to your needs. It is how we make sure our voices are represented equally by creating districts that have nearly the same number of people in it.

Learn more about the redistricting process, and how it is affected by gerrymandering, in our blog. And check out our Facebook Live discussion from earlier this month, Racism and Redistricting: How Unfair Maps Impact Communities of Color, for a look into how racial gerrymandering acts as a form of voter suppression.

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