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A few highlights of our month.

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Elections in the Time of Coronavirus

This month elections were held under difficult circumstances as the nation copes with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. We have seen elected officials in many states step up on behalf of voters, taking precautions for poll workers, partnering across the aisle, and calling for more flexibility in voting. 

It's is critical, now more than ever, for elections officials to safeguard the election process. Here are 10 things that election officials can do to ensure that the upcoming elections are secure and that all voters have access to cast their ballots. 

Our top priority must be the health and safety of the American people while simultaneously upholding the rights of all voters. As we prepare for upcoming elections, our Leagues across the country are working independently and in coalitions to assess the best recommendations for safely moving forward. At this time, the League has filed cases in Ohio, challenging the state’s ‘new’ primary election, and in Wisconsin to challenge witness signatures of absentee ballots.  

Additionally, last week, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and—while we’re pleased Congress came together to provide the American people with desperately needed relief—the bill fell short of the $2 billion in election funding needed to safeguard the right to vote in the upcoming November election.  

As we call on Congress to prioritize elections in the next round of stimulus, we are urging states to expand absentee voting and extend deadlines and dates as needed during the primaries. This request also extends to the general election. Now is the time to prepare and support voters so that they can cast their ballot in elections later this year.

As states continue to adjust elections, we are keeping VOTE411.org up to date with state-specific alerts for new election dates, changes to polling places, changes to early and absentee voting rules, etc.  

This year is too much for April Fools Day. Celebrate Census Day instead.

Tomorrow, April 1, is Census Day. In these times of uncertainty and physical distancing, standing together is critical. Completing the census (and getting out the count) are two actions we can take to support our communities and participate fully in our democracy during the coronavirus crisis. More than $800 billion of federal funding for states and localities is also allocated according to official census counts. This means that decisions and funds for schools, hospitals, roads, infrastructure, and other matters of daily life.

Urge your friends and family to complete the census, share why getting counted is important to you while using our Facebook profile frames (one & two), and use the hashtag #2020Census to join in the wider conversation this week.

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