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The League of Women Voters
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Support the For the People Act


Today, we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man whose living example represented democracy at its finest -- organizing people together to fight for equity and justice. 

Today is also the nine-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling – a case that decidedly undermined democracy and opened our election system to attacks from a secret web of dark money and special interests. 

One anniversary represents the freedom to fully participate in our society -- and calls for recommitting ourselves to the still-ongoing fight to eliminate discrimination and ensure equal access to all Americans. The other represents the exact opposite -- but it also sparked a powerful movement for a democracy where everyone has the right to participate, every vote is counted, and everyone’s voice is heard.

Today, we can carry that work forward by putting power back in the hands of the American people thanks to legislation recently introduced in Congress. HR1, the For the People Act, is a groundbreaking package of democracy reforms that will truly give each of us the voice we deserve.

It's up to us to speak out for what's right. Add your name to tell your member of Congress you support the For the People Act today.

The For the People Act addresses some of the most pressing issues facing our democracy. From restoring the Voting Rights Act, modernizing our voter registration system, updating the public financing of elections through small donor matching funds, ending partisan gerrymandering, and making campaign contributions more transparent, this bill will put control of our government back into the hands of the people. 

225 House members have already signed on as co-sponsors, but we need your help to make sure this powerful package of democracy solutions doesn’t get watered down or lost in the shuffle.

This is an unprecedented opportunity -- to have the 116th Congress on the record for pushing for a reform agenda that can better the lives of each and every one of us.

Special interest lobbyists are already at work behind the scenes trying to undermine this sweeping and necessary reform. Those that oppose this legislation persist in maintaining the status quo that gives power to a select few and disempowers so many. And if our elected officials don’t hear a powerful show of support from voters like you and me -- our opponents just might get their way.

Add your name to let them know you are watching and the time to step up is now.

Thanks for taking action to win the democracy we all deserve,


Jeanette Senecal
Senior Director, Mission Impact

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