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The League of Women Voters
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.
Take Action: End the Influence of Big Money


Last month, voters sent a clear message across the country that they are ready for bold, comprehensive democracy reforms. Now the League is working with a broad coalition of over 100 organizations to draft and shape HR1, a policy reform package that will include key democracy provisions. 

HR1 will modernize our election system, reform redistricting, and restore the Voting Rights Act. But we need your help to ensure that a key provision reducing the undue influence of Big Money in our politics is also included.

The incoming Congress is comprised of fired up individuals ready to implement the change people want. We must empower everyone to make their voices heard in our halls of power, not just the wealthy few. We need to protect voting rights with reforms like modernizing and updating the Voting Rights Act, passing automatic voter registration and same-day registration, and establishing strong redistricting guidelines to combat voter suppression. 

And we also need to rebalance our system so that Big Money doesn’t set Washington’s agenda or decide who gets a seat at the table.

Passing small-donor citizen-funded campaign programs is a simple, proven solution that amplifies everyday voters’ voices in our elections and ensures ordinary people can run for office--without relying on Big Money to participate. 

YOU have the power to influence this reform, and it will take all of us, working together, to speak out and demand change. This is the first step, and the incoming Congress gives us an opportunity to advance this solution and build momentum for the future.   

Please tell your Representative to make sure that small-donor financing is included as a priority in HR1.



Chris Carson

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