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A few highlights of our month.

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Tonight, children will knock on doors asking for candy. This weekend, volunteers across the country will be knocking on doors asking for votes. We're in the final stretch. Election day is THIS Tuesday. Do you have your election day plan made? Does everyone you know? Spread the word with our Facebook profile photo frame and make sure your community is ready, too.

Voting: A Better Way to Be Disruptive

John Oliver and his talented writers at Last Week Tonight found a funny way to help voters engage on the issues and research their candidates last weekend, when the talk show host “ended” his show two minutes early and urged viewers to learn what’s on their ballot on VOTE411.org. He even brought out a cacophony of music—including a theremin—in order to really propel viewers to look away from the show. 

Our voter information site, VOTE411.org, saw through-the-roof numbers of voters coming to learn what’s on their ballot, their polling places, and what they need at the polls on Tuesday.

A lot of noise, all for a very good cause.

Florida’s New Governor Will Appoint New Justices

In a huge win for Floridians this month, the Florida Supreme court ruled that Governor Scott is not permitted to appoint three FL Supreme Court justices on his last day in office. The next FL governor will do so instead—making an already contentious race even more anticipated.

Florida voters will have will have a very important say in this matter on Tuesday, especially because both candidates have staked out very different positions on the kinds of people they are looking to appoint to the court.

Four Votes for Fair Maps

On Tuesday, voters will have the chance to make redistricting in four states fair and independent—putting the power to draw lines in the hands of the people, not politicians.

In Colorado (where the Governator even made an appearance at a recent rally), Michigan, Missouri, and Utah voters are considering ballot initiatives that would change the way their state legislative and congressional district lines are drawn. Learn more about all of these initiatives in our blog. 

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