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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

Help ensure every voter gets their vote counted.


It's primary season in America and that means voters are going to the polls this spring and summer to select candidates up and down the ticket that will face off in the general election this fall. Primaries are an important part of our elections, but many people don't know about all of the races in their area or even when their primary election is scheduled.
That's why we created VOTE411.org

To learn more about where candidates stand on issues important to you, check out our voters' guide on VOTE411.org. The site has everything you need to prepare for the primary elections, including your polling place location and its hours, whether you need to show an ID to vote where you live, and even what ballot measures you'll be asked to decide on when you cast your vote.
But don't stop there!
Share this important information with your friends and family. Remind them about the primary elections and encourage them to vote. Take a neighbor with you to the polls or send a tweet reminding your community of the voting hours.
Every vote counts and when you raise your voice with those of your neighbors, together you will shape the future you want to see for your community, so thanks for spreading the word to empower voters and defend democracy. 

In League,

Jeanette Senecal

Senior Director of Elections

P.S. Elections are the life blood of our democracy. Please help the League of Women Voters continue to provide nonpartisan voter information with a gift to VOTE411.org today! 

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