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The League of Women Voters
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President Trump is at it again. Just this afternoon, he made another false claim that millions of people vote multiple times in our elections. We know better.

Earlier this year, Mr. Trump disbanded his own discredited 'election integrity' commission after they failed to find any evidence to back his lies.

The mere mention of voter fraud is a dirty tactic to suppress voters and turn people off from participating in elections. This undermines the public trust in our election system.

We can’t let that happen.

Voting is a critical cornerstone of our democracy. We must protect the right to vote with laws and policies that make sure all eligible voters are free to exercise that right.

2018 is an important midterm election year and the League of Women Voters is working hard to make sure all eligible Americans have the opportunity to register and vote.

Thank you for your support in expanding voter access and fighting voter suppression. There is no room for this rhetoric in our political system.

Chris Carson

P.S. Help us continue to fight these voter suppression tactics with a donation to the League today.

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