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Americans have a right to know who is paying for political advertisements—whether it be organizations with ties to foreign governments or wealthy special interests here at home.
In the 2016 election, 65 percent of Americans identified the internet, or an online platform, as their leading source of information. 
Yet our outdated transparency rules — which still include references to telegrams and typewriters — don't require adequate disclosure for online ads.
The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has asked for comments on whether they should modernize these rules or keep things the way they are.
Act now to protect our elections.
More than three in four Americans — 78 percent — want full disclosure of who paid for political ads posted to social media platforms.
That includes 80 percent of Republicans and 82 percent of Independents.1 
Tell the FEC to require online campaign ads to include disclaimers about who is paying for them — as is required for television and print advertisements.
U.S. elections should be about U.S. voters not special interests – and especially not about the secretive influence of hostile foreign governments and entities. We must use every lever at our disposal — including ending secret online political ads — to prevent meddling in our elections and to ensure that Americans know the source of political messages. 
Demand that the FEC require online ads to include disclaimers identifying who paid for them. 

Chris Carson
President, LWVUS


1according to a new Marist poll.  

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