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League of Women Voters  Take Action

Dear Friend--

This afternoon the House of Representatives will vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act once again--and this time they could be successful. The “American Health Care Act” – is anything but American. This legislation only serves to benefit special interests and provide tax cuts for the rich – while leaving every day Americans without access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Call your Representative at 866-426-2631 and tell them to reject this un-American legislation. 

 If this legislation becomes law:
  • 24 million Americans will lose coverage by 2020
  • Medicaid patients will no longer be able to get the care they need
  • Women will go back to paying more than men for basic care  
We know the Affordable Care Act is not perfect, but it has successfully provided health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans who previously went without.

Call your Representative today at 866-426-2631. Tell the House of Representatives: Americans can’t afford to lose our healthcare coverage.


Lloyd Leonard

Lloyd Leonard, LWV Director of Advocacy

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