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Voices of the League

 Blog Round-up

 APRIL 2015

League of Women Voters

Spotlight on:

6 Ways the League of Women Voters Has Impacted Your Life

Put the Market to Work to Fight Climate Change

By: Diz Swift

See how the League of Women Voters has helped educate and empower voters — past and present!

airProtecting our Environment from Fracking

By: Jessica Jones

The League recently endorsed, and is encouraging members of Congress to cosponsor and support five pieces of legislation known as the “Frack Pack.” These bills seek to keep our air and water safe while holding big polluters responsible for the process known as hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking.'

Meet the League: Stephanie Drahan

By: Stephanie Drahan

Without all eligible citizens registering and turning out to vote, our government is democratic in name only. Therefore, I am proud to commit my work to helping Americans of all stripes register and be heard in order to influence our political process.


Diz SwiftPut the Market to Work to Fight Climate Change

By: Diz Swift

By putting a price on carbon emissions, we can put our powerful market to work to fight the biggest contributor to climate change. Essentially, putting a price on carbon encourages those emitting carbon to reduce their emissions by incurring a cost for the production of carbon gases.


Celebrate Earth Day by taking action!Celebrate Earth Day by Taking Action

By: Elisabeth MacNamara

Earth Day is just one day each year, but we can work every day to protect our planet. Tell Congress to stand up for the planet and support the work of the EPA to fight climate change, protect public health and grow our economy!


Early voters in Georgia were encouraged to #postthepeach in 2014Protecting Early Voting in the Deep South

By: Kelli Persons

For the third time in four years, certain legislators in Georgia attacked early voting. This time the attack came as a wolf in sheep’s clothing that proclaimed to mandate Sunday voting opportunities, yet reduced the overall days available for voters to cast their ballot early.

Members of the League of Women Voters of the Villages/Tri-Counties rally in support of Amendment 1Who Speaks for the Trees in Florida?

By: Chuck O'Neal

In November, Florida's Amendment 1 passed with over 4.2 million votes, a commanding 75 percent of the votes cast. It will keep Florida’s waterways clean and to protect the surrounding lands without any tax increases.

Maggie DuncanOn the Shoulders of Giants: National Volunteer Week

By: Maggie Bush

Here at the League of Women Voters of the United States, this is a time to reflect on the brave volunteers who fought for women’s access to the vote—and through doing so, first formed the League of Women Voters 95 years ago.

League volunteersThe League’s Volunteer Leaders - A Vital Citizen’s Voice in Our Democracy

By: Cheryl Graeve

Last week, I sat with our national president, Elisabeth MacNamara as she connected state League presidents on conference calls to share their experiences with their state’s legislatures.

Attendees at Candi-dating‘Candi-dating:’ Using speed networking to meet candidates

By: Ann Elwell

Faced with a slate of 10 candidates for city government, the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri decided to try something new to introduce them to voters. The League dubbed the event “Candi-dating” and based the format on speed dating.

Megan Brown, League of Women VotersMeet the League: Megan Brown

By: Stephanie Drahan

"Voting matters. The future of our country depends on citizens being informed and voting!"

Creating Good Voting Habits

By: Natalie Hall

My parents started early engaging me in our democracy and by showing me a strong example of civic duty and purpose. I know that because of their example that I will be a lifetime voter.

The League of Women Voters has been protecting voting rights for 95 years and counting.Unprecedented Week for Voting Rights – Democracy Wins in Three States

By: Tim O'Brien

We recently saw three big wins for voting rights at the state level. It is, we hope, a bellwether of things to come.

One Year Later: Money Still Floods Our Elections

By: Nancy Tate

One year ago, the U.S.Supreme Court invalidated limits on the total amount an individual can donate to candidates or political parties in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission (FEC).

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