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The League Update

October 9, 2014

Dear Friend,

I had the privilege of visiting Wisconsin last weekend to do my part to help protect and educate Wisconsin voters. My trip allowed me to see and learn first-hand, the efforts of Wisconsin League members on behalf of voters across the state. Along with the co-president of the League of Women Voters of Dane County Ingrid Roth, we joined a local news show to help educate voters so they will be ready to vote on November 4th. I was also honored to attend the annual issues briefing in Madison where League members from around the state gathered not just to learn about critical issues impacting education, environmental protection and local government in Wisconsin, but also critical information for their communities about voting in the upcoming election.

Since 2011, Wisconsin has been one of the battlegrounds for those fighting to protect voting rights. In the statehouse and the courthouse, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin has been on the frontlines. Thanks to Wisconsin League and our coalition partner’s persistence in the Courts, no voter in Wisconsin has been disenfranchised by the new law, as implementation of the requirement has been staved off. However, recent court decisions have made it necessary for the Wisconsin League to continue to fight for voters and to help eligible voters get registered and obtain the photo ID required.

This year, League members in Wisconsin are educating voters through the media, online resources like VOTE411.org, and written materials. While there is still some hope that Wisconsin voters will be allowed to exercise their most fundamental right without showing photo ID, the League is taking no chances. And again on Election Day 2014, League volunteers will be monitoring the polls to assist voters and gather information to assist election officials.

The Wisconsin League and all Leagues are well placed to succeed in the important mission of Making Democracy Work. For nearly 100 years, the League has worked on all fronts to enshrine voting rights, including preventing laws limiting access to the polls while also advocating for laws to make our elections fair, free and accessible. The League also works to ensure voters are prepared to overcome any barriers they may face when exercising their right to vote.

League members understand how important every election is and just how critical the 2014 contest is. Whether in Wisconsin or in any other state in the nation, League members are ready with information vital to voters in this election. We stand together as members of our communities, committed to insuring that every eligible voter has free and fair access to the polls.

In League,

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League Leaders:
To help keep your members informed, please consider forwarding this weekly message. Please note that this is an internal communication that provides both announcements and opportunities meant only for your members and League, as well as updates on important news and events. This message should not be posted in its entirety on League social media channels or websites. Instead consider sharing the external (e.g. public interest/action) pieces such as blog posts, letters to Congress and press statements.

In This Issue:


  • Send us your Printed Voters’ Guides for VOTE411 (NEW)
  • Get Ready for Election Day! Easy Tips to Help your Community Vote (NEW)
  • Sample Elections Social Media Content for Leagues (REMINDER)


  • Using Our Voter Service Work as a Membership Recruitment Opportunity (REMINDER)
  • Are You “Dressed” for this Highly Visible Election Season? (REMINDER)


  • EPA Clean Power Plan Comment Deadline Extended! (REMINDER)


  • Visit the League Store Today (NEW)


Send us your Printed Voters’ Guides for VOTE411 (NEW)
Has your League put together a printed voters’ guide with candidate and/or ballot measure information? Looking for a new way to help spread awareness about the guide in your community? If so, send a link or PDF of the voters’ guide to Megan Brown (mbrown@lwv.org) and she’ll post the guide to VOTE411! That way, voters in your area who use VOTE411 for their election information will have access to the voters’ guide for their community. If you have any questions please contact Megan Brown

Get Ready for Election Day! Easy Tips to Help your Community Vote (NEW)
We know many of you are still busy handing out voter guides and putting on candidate debates, and the finish line is near. Here are a few steps to start planning now for a smooth Election Day. Make sure your League phone line and email are well-attended to on the days leading up to and on Election Day. Plan to make use of VOTE411.org to help address voters’ questions - better yet, mention it on your out-of-office email or phone message! While there is still time, consider sharing helpful elections information with your local media by customizing and sending the press release template and/or letter to the editor template, and follow up with voters you’ve helped register and your social networks to encourage them to participate on Election Day. Get started with our sample social media content.

Sample Elections Social Media Content for Leagues (REMINDER)
Last month, we shared with you sample social media content around voter registration efforts. We’re back with sample social media messaging for your League to use for the elections season! Our LWV Election 2014 Sample Social Media document includes GOTV messaging and general information about voting options for your state, as well as key hashtags and images to use. Please feel free to tailor these messages to fit the elections in your community. We will be updating the materials throughout the season-bookmark the link to check back! Also, feel free to take a moment to update your League’s Facebook cover to match ours!

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Glad You Asked!

If you have a question for this area, please submit it to kmcfarland@lwv.org.

“My League is preparing for a candidates forum and we are looking for materials like sample questions, a press template and any additional resources the LWVUS might provide to help us host a great event; where can I find these?”

Voter service templates, sample questions and more can all be found on the Member Resources web site, forum.lwv.org. This is the place to find all the resources that help you manage the League including press templates, social media guides, recorded webinars, policies, guidelines, bylaws, and lots of other useful information. Keep in mind that this site is separate from the public site (www.lwv.org), so we encourage you to bookmark both sites so that you can easily navigate to each one depending on your needs.


Using Our Voter Service Work as a Membership Recruitment Opportunity (REMINDER)
How is your League leveraging this highly visible election season as an opportunity to recruit members or engage our current ones? When we provide the public with the information they’re looking for, not only does our work speak for itself, but we also create opportunities to talk with people about getting involved or more involved with the League. As you look at your 2014 voter service activities consider how best to be engaging volunteers and fostering leadership opportunities. This August 2014 memo provides tips and suggestions for getting the most out of our voter service work this year. This is one of the monthly training tipsheets provided through the Membership and Leadership Development program (MLD) and supported by the Fund for Local League Growth.

Are You “Dressed” for this Highly Visible Election Season? (REMINDER)
Support the future of the League with a gift of $50 or more to the Fund for Local League Growth, which supports the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) program, and we will send you a limited edition, enamel lapel pin. You’ll look great while showing your pride in the League! To make a tax-deductible gift, please use this online form.

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EPA Clean Power Plan Comment Deadline Extended! (REMINDER)
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has extended the deadline for public comment on the proposed regulation to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. The new deadline is December 1. League members wishing to comment on the proposal can send comments using the LWVUS action alert!

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Visit the League Store Today (NEW)
The League Store has expanded! Looking for gifts for speakers, special guests, and your Board? Are you recruiting new members? How about being more visible in your community? You can find many items that range from LWV pins and car magnets to LWV Hot n’ Cold Tumblers and LWV laser-etched pens with a stylus for your mobile devices! You can also find all LWVUS publications. The League Store is part of our public site -- follow the link on the bottom of www.lwv.org. Or, to see what else is available for purchase, click here.

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Note: the Clearinghouse accepts positions without studies, even as multi-position documents, if they are accompanied by a single submission form. The description section could have "Resulting Position:" and the position statement or a link to the position. Complete studies are preferred, and Leagues may add study documents at a later date.

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