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The League Update



Dear Friend,

Personal interaction increases voter turnout among even reluctant voters according to new research. For the League of Women Voters, founded to finish the fight in Making Democracy Work® by engaging as many voters as possible, this is both old news and good news. Just as people are more likely to join the League if someone asks them to, so to, underserved and disengaged citizens are more likely to join the community of habitual voters if someone asks them to. Keep reading Elisabeth's message.

NOTE: This week we’re trying a new streamlined format for the League Update. We hope you’ll click through to the website to find all of the information you need. Click on the header you're interested in to be taken directly to that content.

In This Issue of the July 24, 2014 League Update:


  • LWVUS Human Trafficking Position (NEW)
  • Guidance and Talking Points for EPA Clean Power Plan Hearings (FINAL REMINDER)
  • Help Keep the Voting Rights Amendment Act Moving; Mark the VRA’s 49th Anniversary (NEW)
  • Affordable Care Act Continues Despite Court Challenges (NEW)


  • Success Story: LWV of Kalamazoo Area, Michigan  (NEW)
  • Update Your League’s Leadership Information (NEW)


  • LWVUS/EF 2014-2015 Direct Marketing Schedule Available  (NEW)


  • GLAD YOU ASKED: When is LWVUS Council 2015?
  • Clearinghouse: Use it this summer as a great resource

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