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Voices of the League

 Blog Round-up

 November 2013

League of Women Voters

On our blog, Voices of the League, we cover a variety of topics ranging from our work at all levels of the League, including emphasizing work accomplished in local communities across the country on our priority issues, marking important national developments, highlighting the work being done to grow and strengthen the League, and so much more. We hope you’ll take the time to see what we’ve been up to each month through this roundup. Thanks for making democracy work.

Spotlight on:

Mural of Statue of Liberty

#GivingTuesday, Help Strengthen Our Country and Democracy

November 25, 2013

Read President MacNamara's Huffington Post #GivingTuesday blog post on just some of what the League has done to increase political participation and strengthen our democracy -- and our country -- in 2013.

League of Women Voters Giving Tuesday#GivingTuesday Snapshot: The League’s Work on Immigration Reform and Gun Control

By: Renee Davidson

What the League has done to lead efforts on comprehensive immigration reform and gun control legislation.

We're Thankful For You

By: Elisabeth MacNamara

We’re thankful for our members and supporters who work tirelessly to advocate for free, fair and accessible elections

By registering voters, holding candidate debates and forums, fighting back against attacks on voting rights and more.

Leagues File Suit to Protect Voters in Proof-of-Citizenship CaseLeagues File Suit to Protect Voters in Proof-of-Citizenship Case

By: Stephanie Drahan

The League of Women Voters has challenged requirements that voters provide documentary proof-of-citizenship with their voter registration application forms in Kansas and Arizona.

NC Governor: Slashing Early Voting “Compacts the Calendar;" We Call It Voter Suppression

By: Renee Davidson

North Carolina Gov. McCrory alleged that slashing early voting was just a way of “compacting the calendar,” but the League believes that cutting early voting is clear and simple voter suppression.

The League’s Work to Protect Voting Rights#GivingTuesday Snapshot: The League’s Work to Protect Voting Rights

By: Renee Davidson

From organizing protests and petition drives to filing lawsuits and writing legislative testimony, a look at how the League of Women Voters has helped protect voting rights in 2013.

Effectively Improving Voting for New Yorkers

By: Mary Jenkins and Mary Lou Urban, Co-Presidents of the League of Women Voters of  the City of New York

A guest blog post by the co-presidents of the League of Women Votes of the City of New York on their voter education work for the 2013 elections.

#GivingTuesday: The League of Women Voter's Work to Register Voters#GivingTuesday Snapshot: The League’s Work to Educate & Engage Voters

By: Renee Davidson

A look at the League's work to protect, engage and empower Americans of all backgrounds to exercise their right to vote.

#GivingTuesday Snapshot: The League’s Work to Keep Big Money Out of Politics

By: Renee Davidson

The League has been working hard to reform the nation’s campaign finance system, protect our elections system and keep big money out of politics.

This Election Day, Thank You for Making Democracy Work!

By: Elisabeth MacNamara

Millions of Americans in states across the country cast ballots in some 5,500 local and state elections. Voters recognized that voting is your chance to stand up for what matters most, even during an “off-year” election.

Save the Date: #GivingTuesday, December 3Pledge to Support the League on #GivingTuesday

By: Elisabeth MacNamara

On December 3, we ask that you think of the League as you reflect on the need to strengthen our country and our great democracy. Pledge to support the League’s work to engage voters and to increase understanding of major public policy issues on #GivingTuesday.

Election Day is Tomorrow!

By: Elisabeth MacNamara

In less than 24 hours, polling places in many communities across the country will open their doors for voting. VOTE411.org has all the information you need to vote this Election Day!

Please Note: Election Day was on November 5, 2013

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