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League of Women Voters Leaders' Update

September 26, 2013

In This Issue:


  • THE TIME IS NOW:  Final Call for Nominations (NEW)
  • Wyoming Leaders Participate in LWVUS-sponsored Training (NEW)
  • Sustaining your League:  Fundraising Success Story (NEW)


  • National Voter Registration Day - Not Over Yet! (NEW)
  • Send Us Your Voters’ Guides (NEW)
  • New Partnership with National Association of Women Judges (NEW)


  • EPA Announces new Carbon Pollution Regulations: Template Available (NEW)
  • LWV Ohio Testimony to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (NEW)
  • LWVUS statement to Presidential Commission on Election Administration (UPDATED)
  • United Nations General Assembly Opens: League UN Observers in Attendance (NEW)


  • Agriculture Update (Reminder)
  • LWVUS/EF 2013-14 Direct Marketing Schedule (Reminder)

convention 2014!
Dallas, TX | June 6-10, 2014

Please plan to join national, state and local League leaders from around the country for this lively biennial event.

During this five-day gathering, you will hear nationally known speakers, learn more about the issues important to the organization and the nation, participate in training sessions, and join in the discussion and networking that make the League a strong and vital force in our democracy.

Learn more at the Convention 2014 webpage. Look for information on how to register, and a lot more starting in November.

Glad You Asked!

This section of the Leaders' Update is dedicated to providing the information that you want to know.

How many delegates can my local League send to National Convention?

Your local League’s delegate count is determined by the number of members that your League has as of the official membership count in January of the convention year. 

Per Article IX, Section 2 of the LWVUS Bylaws, “…each local League shall be entitled to at least one delegate; when local League membership reaches 50 voting members, the local League shall be entitled to one additional delegate; thereafter one additional delegate shall be authorized for each additional 50 voting members.” 

For example, a local League with 49 members may send one delegate, a local League with 99 members can send 2 delegates, and local League with 149 members can send 3 delegates.  Of course, Leagues may send observers or non-voting delegates as well.  Convention 2014 will be held in Dallas on June 6-10. 

The “First Call” was issued earlier this week.

Dear Friend,

Tuesday was the second annual National Voter Registration Day. Across the country 800 organizations came together sponsoring registration events. The League came out in force with 300+ events aimed at the one in four eligible Americans who are not registered to vote–likely making us once again the single largest on-the-ground participant in this day. The New York City League partnered with city government and various groups representing a range of age and ethnic populations to sponsor an impressive event at Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan.

The lunch crowd in the park on a picture perfect fall day was treated to music and speakers and volunteers with information on registration and the issues coming up in the city elections this fall. Television star America Ferrera, representing Voto Latino, spoke about her experience of being asked in school about her citizenship. Her mother, hearing about the challenge, reassured her that she was an American and to never forget what that means and how important it is to always exercise that most important right of citizenship: voting.

Voters go to the polls every year to stand up for what matters to them. This year, New Yorkers will not only elect a new mayor, but will also decide numerous ballot issues. They are not alone. In 2013, millions of voters will decide the outcome of over 5,000 local and state races and ballot initiatives. If the New York City mayoral primary is any example, these key races and issues will be decided by a dismally small number of voters. But we can do something about that and National Voter Registration Day was a reminder that registration deadlines are approaching. My sincere thanks to all the League volunteers who took part in this important day for our country and for our organization.

Whether you sponsored or attended an event on Tuesday, or are in the midst of planning other important voter education efforts, now is the time to remind your community that every election is important; and every chance that Americans have to vote, is a chance to make a difference.

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League Leaders:
To help keep your members informed, please consider forwarding this weekly message. Please note that this is an internal communication that provides both announcements and opportunities meant only for your members and League, as well as updates on important news and events. This message should not be posted in its entirety on League social media channels or websites. Instead consider sharing the external (e.g. public interest/action) pieces such as blog posts, letters to Congress and press statements.


Membership & leadership

THE TIME IS NOW:  Final Call for Nominations (NEW)
We know you’re out there and have been considering filling out the nomination form for the 2014-2016 National Board.  It is time to take this next step on your League journey. Think of what you have accomplished, what lies ahead for our organization, and what part you can play.  If other commitments preclude national board service at this time, or you feel the need to know more about the workings of LWVUS, you should consider filling out this same nomination form for the 2014-2016 Nominating Committee.  It is an incredible experience! The deadline is next Monday, September 30.  Don’t miss this opportunity! Use the 2014-2016 LWVUS Nomination Form.

Wyoming Leaders Participate in LWVUS-sponsored Training (NEW)
Representatives from across Wyoming gathered in Casper for a two-day LWV leadership training. Facilitated by former LWVUS Board member Carol Reimers and national coach Donna Lauffer (KS), participants explored ways to build upon their programmatic work by generating more visibility, attracting new members, and developing new leaders. See photos and read more about the experience on the LWV of Wyoming’s website. The training is part of the Membership & Leadership Development Program and is funded by the Fund for Local League Growth.

Sustaining your League:  Fundraising Success Story (NEW)
Doing the important work to fulfill our mission, growing the League and hosting events that enrich our communities requires financial resources. Local Leagues everywhere are working to generate those resources, and many of the innovative events they plan have added benefits, such as increased visibility and connectedness within the community. Read more about how the LWV of Manistee County (MI) has been successful with a fun and community-engaging event. Looking for more ideas?  Join the Development group in the LWV Forums.


Education Fund


National Voter Registration Day - Not Over Yet! (NEW)
Thank you to the hundreds of League volunteer teams who headed out to register voters as part of National Voter Registration Day! We are thrilled to have been such a significant part of this national celebration of democracy. IMPORTANT: Please take a moment to report your results by clicking on the link in an email you should have received Tuesday from Emily Alsleben. You are asked to report only two things: how many volunteers you engaged, and how many new voters you registered. Such data is critical to the future funding and support for National Voter Registration Day and events like it. If you didn’t receive the email, or you have additional important feedback to share, please contact Maggie Duncan (mduncan@lwv.org). We’ve created an album on Facebook compiling great photos sent in by Leagues. If you have voter registration photos to share with us, please send them to Stephanie Drahan (sdrahan@lwv.org).

Send Us Your Voters’ Guides (NEW)
Has your League put together a printed voters’ guide? Are you looking for a new way to help spread awareness about your guide in your community? If so, send a link or PDF of the voters’ guide to Megan Brown (mbrown@lwv.org) and she’ll post the guide to VOTE411! That way, voters in your area who use VOTE411 for their election information will have access to the information in your guide.

New Partnership with National Association of Women Judges (NEW)
LWVUS has agreed to partner with the National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ) on the “Informed Voters; Fair Judges” civic education project. The purpose is to increase citizens’ knowledge of the role of state-level courts and judges and to provide non-partisan information about judges in states with judicial elections. This is a national project, but in 2014 activities will focus on eight states—Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Alaska, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Washington.  Leagues in those states may be contacted directly about participating. LWVUS will not be coordinating activities, but if you have any general questions regarding this new partnership, please send an email to lwv@lwv.org.



EPA Announces new Carbon Pollution Regulations: Template Available (NEW)
On September 20, the Environmental Protection Agency announced the updated regulations on carbon pollution for new power plants. Use this letter to the editor template to bring attention to this life-saving measure that will protect our children, our nation and the world from the devastating effects of climate change. You can also read our statement praising the administration's steps to control carbon pollution.

LWV Ohio Testimony to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (NEW)
Last week, the League of Women Voters of Ohio submitted testimony to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration at the hearing in Ohio. Please read their guest blog about their recommendations to the Commission.

LWVUS statement to Presidential Commission on Election Administration (UPDATED)
Last week, the LWVUS submitted a statement to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration outlining the five key suggestions the League proposes for improving the polling place experience for voters. These suggestions include Secure Online Voter Registration, Permanent and Portable Statewide Voter Registration, Expanded Early Voting, Improved Polling Place Management and Electronic Streamlining. Read our press release on the LWVUS statement to PCEA.

United Nations General Assembly Opens: League UN Observers in Attendance (NEW)
The 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly opened on September 24, 2013.  LWV UN Observer Rosalee Keech and alternate observers Mary Fox, Margery Cohen and Judith Schachter will be representing the League of Women Voters during the session.  For up to date information on activities at the UN, be sure to follow Rosalee on Twitter: @Rokeech.  October 1-11, the United Nations will be observing Eleven Days of Action leading up to International Day of the Girl (IDOG) on October 11 including a Speak Out from 3:00-5:00 pm at the ECOSOC Chamber (registration closes September 30).  For more information please visit the Day of the Girl 2013 webpage.




Agriculture Update (Reminder)
The Agriculture Update Committee has posted a list of suggested optional multimedia resources to the Agriculture Update group of the LWVUS Forums. You can reach the Forums by logging into the website with your personal email address and password, and then selecting "Forums" on the left side, or then going directly to http://forum.lwv.org. If you have questions, you may contact Chair Norman Turrill at lwvturrill@mac.com.

LWVUS/EF 2013-2014 Direct Marketing Schedule (Reminder)
When planning your own League's fundraising, please consult the LWVUS/EF Direct Marketing Schedule. The LWVUS Development Office is pleased to share with you the FY 2013-14 LWVUS/Education Fund Direct Marketing schedule for direct mail and telemarketing. Download the schedule (located under Leadership Development Tools in the Members section of www.lwv.org). Please share this schedule with your Development chairs to assist in planning for your League's fundraising activities. Questions should be directed to Rose Simmons, rsimmons@lwv.org.

Donate to the League and support our work.


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