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Today is National Voter Registration Day, a nationwide effort to register thousands of voters on one single day! Last year over 300,000 new voters were registered on National Voter Registration Day alone. And this year, we’re thrilled to announce that even more partners, including more League of Women Voters volunteer teams, are out registering voters in their communities. 

Did you know that close to 75 percent of Americans who are registered to vote make it to the polls in major election years? Unfortunately, nearly 1 in 4 Americans is not registered to vote. Imagine what our communities and country might look like if every single eligible American was registered to vote. Voter registration is the key to engaging all Americans in the political process. That is why we're committed to National Voter Registration Day, and it is why League volunteers will be out in force right up until every state's registration deadlines passes, this year and every year.

What can you do to be a part of today’s voter registration efforts? Here are two simple steps you can take today:

  1. Send our eCard to three people who may not be registered – perhaps they weren’t 18 for the last election, perhaps they’ve moved, or perhaps they’ve never engaged in the political process before.
  2. Take a picture of yourself with your voter registration card, an “I’m registered” sign, or a voter registration application and post it on Facebook and Twitter with a link to VOTE411.org. Don’t underestimate the power of suggestion – your actions on social media can influence your friends to take action, so encourage your networks to get registered!

Volunteers, celebrities, businesses, online activists, local officials, social service providers, religious leaders and a whole host of others are joining hands across the country today for National Voter Registration Day, a nonpartisan effort to help all Americans get registered to vote. All in all, more than 800 partners are participating in what promises to be a day to remember.

Volunteers from the League of Women Voters are a huge part of this effort – over 280 Leagues from 43 states are hosting events today! For example, Leagues in Florida will be registering voters in at least 11 cities on university/community college campuses and other venues; the Cuyahoga County, OH League is visiting 70 classes in 23 high schools to register first-time voters; and the New York City League is bringing together a wide range of partners for a day-long voter registration party in Manhattan’s Bryant Park!

This incredible level of participation underscores just how committed League volunteers are to engaging and empowering voters to strengthen our communities! So help us have a big impact today – send our eCard to people in your life who may need to register to vote or update their registration.

Thank you for joining us in Making Democracy Work®.

Jeanette Senecal


Jeanette Senecal
Senior Director of Elections, League of Women Voters

P.S. If you’re participating in a voter registration event today, please share your photos with us on Facebook and we’ll add them to our voter registration album!

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