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Dear Friend,

As our democracy faces increasing partisan divisions and increased attacks on voting rights, we need the strongest League of Women Voters ever. Strong Leagues enable us to produce strong protections for voters and help to keep our elections free, fair and accessible.

As a Ruth S. Shur Fellow who recently coached the Kansas Leagues at a statewide training, I witnessed firsthand the partnership between local, state and national Leagues through the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) program. This program trains our leaders and supports them through a network of state and national volunteer coaches and has helped produce growing Leagues. Join me in spreading the MLD message by sharing this video with others in the League.

Watch the video

What does a thriving, growing League look like? What can it accomplish? Let’s take a closer look at what the Leagues in Kansas have recently accomplished.

  • The League battled efforts by their Secretary of State to suppress the vote through voter photo ID and proof of citizenship requirements.
  • Local Leagues led community discussions on important issues such as an independent judiciary, low-income housing, and the Affordable Care Act at forums and “hot topic” lunches.
  • League members engaged their communities at a myriad of events from registering voters at a local elementary school and various MLK Day events to being part of Gay Pride celebrations and local sidewalk sales. In Wichita, more than 5,000 voters were registered across the city!
  • Leagues held their legislators accountable at annual meetings and through legislative “wrap up” events.  
  • In Lawrence, KS, open government was celebrated with an award to a community leader and proclamation from the City Commission.
  • And, last year, League membership in Kansas grew by 8 percent!
One of the volunteer state coaches I work with shared this thought and I agree with her, “If I had three wishes they would be the same: that every League at every level would adopt the MLD program.”

A strong, visible League is vital to protecting our democracy.  Join us in spreading the word about the impact of the MLD and stronger Leagues!

The partnership between national, state and local Leagues as fostered through the MLD program leverages one of our most unique strengths - real and passionate people working together to produce powerful and effective outcomes.

As we approach Women’s Equality Day, champion the success of the League and celebrate our work to ensure stronger Leagues by sharing our video with your friends!

Thank you for Making Democracy Work!


Penney VanVleet,
Shur Fellow

P.S. Stay tuned – next week we’ll be making an exciting announcement about the future of the MLD program!

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