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League of Women Voters

Dear Friend,

For over 90 years, the League of Women Voters has fought to educate and engage Americans, by expanding civic participation and giving a voice to all Americans.

The League’s work in nearly 800 communities nationwide has improved our cities and states and helped demand an end to partisan bickering that has for years put political gain ahead of solutions to our problems.

Join with us and add your voice to the thousands of other citizens who are members of the League of Women Voters – become a member today!

Join us and become part of a group of citizens –

  • Acting to create positive, lasting change in our communities
  • Empowering millions of voters to protect their right to vote, and working to ensure that all votes are counted
  • Educating citizens and fostering civil dialogue on important issues, such as money in politics, healthcare and climate change

Our community-based network is one of America’s most trusted organizations. Your community needs leaders like you to be active and engaged participants– become a member and make an impact in your community!

Our country needs the League’s approach - respectful, factual, inclusive of different perspectives and based on the belief that informed people make the best decisions. Active and involved citizens are essential to advancing solutions on campaign finance reform, protecting the right to vote, environmental protection, and the many other issues on which the League works.

League members mobilize around issues that matter in their states and their communities serving as a voice for citizens and a force for change. We register new voters, host candidate debates, publish voter guides, and advocate for solutions to our communities’ needs. Get involved today with the local or state League in your community and be part of the solution!

At the League of Women Voters, we’re committed to making democracy work.  We welcome new members to help us continue that respected work in your community!

Cheryl Graeve


Cheryl Graeve
Senior Director of Membership and Field Support
League of Women Voters

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League of Women Voters
1730 M Street NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-429-1965
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