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Dear Friend -

There was big news with this year’s membership count: the League of Women Voters bucked the trend of so many community organizations and experienced membership growth! This growth was thanks to our powerful and visible work at the community level registering new voters and pushing back against attacks on our voting rights, as well as our intentional focus to ask people to become members. In the subsequent months, we’ve continued to add new members and increase our size. Cheers to all of us!

Let’s cheer nationwide for our mighty democracy-defending forces! Email us messages of how your League grew to meet the needs of your community to Membership@lwv.org with the subject line: “Celebrating LWV Growth.”

Our membership surge couldn’t be better timed – our democracy needs us now more than ever. The fight to preserve voting rights, underscored by the recent Supreme Court decision to gut the Voting Rights Act, is non-stop, both at the state and national levels. A stronger, trusted League presence is critical to win these fights.

As Leagues strengthen and grow, they are proactively building new partnerships with community organizations, reaching out to new segments of their communities for members and leaders, and showcasing the League’s impact in more strategic and visible ways. This work is enabled by employing the best practices of our successful Membership and Leadership Development program and building on the training provided by LWVUS and the regular and consistent support offered by our dedicated national and state coaches. It is an amazing cycle of impact, growth, and greater impact, which bolsters the League and is good for our democracy.

The stories you share with us about your League will be presented to the LWVUS Board of Directors for inclusion in our official records. We’ll also share some of these messages through our national outlets - such as our website, social media channels, blog and the League Discussion Forums- to continue the celebration and to encourage others to join the League.

Help us continue to grow - share your thoughts about what a growing League of Women Voters means today.

Thank you for your part in Making Democracy Work®!


Cheryl Graeve
Senior Director of Membership and Field Support
League of Women Voters of the United States

P.S. The work of the Membership and Leadership Development program is made possible by individual contributions to the Fund for Local League Growth. Your gift today will ensure that the MLD can continue to build the League.

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