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I wish I didn’t have to keep sending you notes like this. I wish I didn’t have to keep telling you about President Obama’s failure to make the real changes that are needed to combat climate change. I wish we all didn’t have to keep pressing the President to do the right thing.

Unfortunately I do have to keep writing to you and I do need you to keep writing to the President. Help me tell President Obama that saving the world is a legacy worth fighting for.

The President has made some positive statements about climate change over the course of the last year, and even focused on this issue in his State of the Union and the Inaugural Address. But actions speak louder than words.  We need more than just speeches and promises if we are going to protect Americans and the world from the catastrophic changes that climate change is bringing.

Last year, millions of Americans provided positive comments to support a proposed regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency to cut carbon pollution and clean up the air that we breathe, but the Administration is just sitting on the proposal, even though the legal deadline for action has passed. Join the League of Women Voters and tell President Obama to use his existing powers to cut carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.

The power to act rests squarely on the President’s shoulders and is within the regulatory powers he already possesses. Tell President Obama it’s time to lead. Tell President Obama it’s time to act on climate change.

Lloyd Leonard

Lloyd Leonard
Senior Director of Advocacy
League of Women Voters

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