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Voices of the League

 Blog Round-up

 May 2013

League of Women Voters

On our blog, Voices of the League, we cover a variety of topics ranging from our work at all levels of the League, including emphasizing work accomplished in local communities across the country on our priority issues, marking important national developments, highlighting the work being done to grow and strengthen the League, and so much more. We hope you’ll take the time to see what we’ve been up to each month through this roundup. Thanks for making democracy work.

Early Voting Measures Reduce Long Lines, Increase Access to the Polls

By: Renee Davidson (5/09/2013)

In November, millions of Americans spent hours waiting in long lines in order to exercise their right to vote. One solution? Implement better early voting laws. Leagues in Florida and New York are showing us how it's done.

The Fight to Reform Campaign Finance Laws Continues

By: Jessica Jones (5/09/2013)

The summer and fall months of 2013 are shaping up to play an important role in the fight to reform our broken campaign finance system. Here’s a little more detail on what is going on around this issue.

President Elisabeth MacNamara at the LWVNJ State ConventionHonoring Hurricane Sandy’s Voting Heroes

By: Elisabeth MacNamara (5/10/2013)

Gathering state and local election officials along with nonprofit partners, the LWVNJ recognized the hard work, dedication and community spirit that prevailed after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the state last fall.

TAKE ACTION: Immigration Debate Begins in Senate

By: Jessica Jones (5/14/2013)

As the Senate Judiciary Committee takes steps to tackle immigration reform, we must urge our Senators to allow immigrants to contribute to the U.S. economy and society by providing a clear pathway to citizenship.

Election 2012 Participation Data: Key Opportunities Loom for 2014, 2016

By: Maggie Duncan (5/15/2013)

The U.S. Census Bureau has released data on voter participation in Election 2012. Thanks to a helpful analysis by Pew and a breakdown by the Associated Press, we are able to draw important insights into who turned out at the polls—and, perhaps more importantly, who didn’t.

Former LWV President Nancy Neuman with Rep. Al Swift at the NVRA bill signingCelebrating the NVRA: 20 Years of Increasing Access to the Vote

By: Elisabeth MacNamara (5/20/2013)

EDITORIAL NOTE: This blog post was originally posted on the Huffington Post.

“Motor Voter” Coalition Members Reunite at U.S. Capitol in Honor of 20th Anniversary of NVRA

By: Renee Davidson (5/22/2013)

The League was proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which has helped register millions of eligible Americans.

Graduation eCardCongratulate Graduates - Help Them Register to Vote

By: Jeanette Senecal (5/23/2013)

Send the graduates you know our eCard to congratulate them on their recent achievement and to remind them to register to vote or update their voter registration.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Will Strengthen Our Nation and Society

By: Jessica Jones (5/30/2013)

Immigrants have helped weave the fabric and identity of our nation. It’s time to help those now living in the shadows to become a part of this great nation.

North Carolina Redistricting Harmed Hundreds of Voters, Elections Officials in 2012

By: Maggie Duncan (5/30/2013)

Next week, a Raleigh court will hear evidence detailing how North Carolina's flawed 2011 redistricting plan was intentionally designed to harm hundreds of voters, especially those living in minority communities.

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