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Dear Friend,

It’s Mother’s Day. A time to celebrate those who taught us, nurtured us, and helped us become who we are today.

Today, I appreciate the wonderful gifts that my mother gave to me – her support that let me know that I could be anything; her work ethic that showed me that hard work makes a difference; and her strength that taught me that all obstacles can be overcome.

But, I’m also thinking of the many League members that have helped mentor me over the years. While the hard work we do day in and day out may draw us to the organization, it is the people of the League who keep us coming back!

This Mother’s Day give the gift of League – bring a friend, neighbor or colleague to your next League event and help him/her get more involved in your community.

The people in the League are why so many of us remain committed to the continued strength of the organization, a goal reinforced through the Membership & Leadership Development (MLD) program, which is helping Leagues build membership and create strong League leaders across the country. This successful program, which is helping to League membership for the first time in decades, is built upon basic life lessons that are similar to that good advice from Mom:

  • Knowing what works and sharing that with others;
  • Providing personalized monthly coaching for League leaders to support strong communities; and
  • Taking pride in what we have done and celebrating our successes as we build for the future.

LWV Volunteers and Staff

As I reflect on all who have touched me, I think about how I will pay it forward. As a mom of two young daughters, I think about the lessons that I am sharing with them. What legacy am I leaving for them?

This question is the catalyst for our work at the League. We want to make our communities more healthy, vibrant and strong. We want to see better government and a stronger democracy. And, we want the League be the vehicle for ensuring this change for generations to come. Who do you know who might want to join you in making our democracy work? Bring a friend with you to your next League event.

But, much like motherhood, there is no time to rest. In the MLD program, one of the most important pieces of advice that coaches give is: Who else? On this special day, I put a challenge to you: Who else can you introduce to the League?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, mentors, and friends! And, on behalf of all the lives you touch, thank you!

Kelly McFarland Stratman

In League,

Kelly McFarland Stratman
Field Support Director, League of Women Voters

P.S. The work of the Membership and Leadership Development program is made possible by your contributions to the Fund for Local League Growth. Your gift today will ensure that the MLD can continue to build the League.

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