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League of Women Voters Leaders' Update

March 7, 2013

In This Issue:


  • Sunshine Week:  Letter to the Editor Template (NEW)
  • Make Your Fundraising Efforts More Effective: Open an LWV Education Fund  (NEW)
  • Leadership Changes? Update Your League Officers in the Database  (NEW)


  • Assault on Voting Rights Continues as State Legislatures Kick into High Gear  (NEW)


  • Make an Impact on Climate Change with the Updated Climate Action Toolkit


  • Help Ensure the League's Vibrant Future by Supporting Local League Growth (NEW)

the New League Forums

The League Forums is a new online community exclusively for League members and leaders.

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Go to www.lwv.org, click on LOGIN in the top red bar. Once logged in, use the Forums link in the left navigation bar. Members interested in learning more are welcome to view a recorded webinar introducing the new Forums.

Dear Friend,

March came in like a lion here in the east with high winds, rain and snow affecting much of the region.  Perhaps such an entrance to such a busy month is appropriate.  March is Women’s History Month.  Sunshine Week is coming up and on March 18, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council, read today's press statement.  At issue is a challenge to one of the League’s landmark achievements, the National Voter Registration Act, sometimes known as Motor Voter. In March, state and local Leagues begin to gather for conventions and annual meetings.

Among the business discussed at these meetings, Program is key. Making democracy work is the League’s mission. Last year, we powered the vote to engage a more representative electorate. This year, it is vital that we continue to engage that electorate to ensure that policy decisions reflect the true diversity of our communities. Whether the issue is voter protection, climate change, health care, immigration or a purely local concern, public outreach through diverse coalitions, traditional media, social media and grassroots organizing is the key to success. Always be mindful of resources at the national level that can be leveraged to accomplish our mission.

Just today, I learned that a long time League member, who inspired me and many other League leaders to never give up, passed away. She was over 100 years old. At many annual meetings, we would turn to Pat Parker for advice and invariably, her response would be, “That sounds like a good thing to do. There must be a League way of doing it.” Let us all find the good things to do and the League way to do them.

In League,
Description: Elisabeth


Membership and Leadership

Sunshine Week:  Letter to the Editor Template (NEW)
Sunshine Week is March 10-16.  Use this template to draw attention to your League’s important work around government transparency and accountability and to engage your community in powering their voices beyond Election Day.

Make Your Fundraising Efforts More Effective: Open an LWV Education Fund (NEW)
This FREE service, available through the League of Women Voters Education Fund, allows Leagues to fundraise tax-deductible dollars for educational projects while relieving Leagues of the administrative burdens connected with maintaining an education fund. It is open to all state and local Leagues, and setting up an account is quick and easy! Contact GrantServices@lwv.org to set up an account. Questions about how Education Fund monies can be used?  Please review this important FAQ.

Leadership Changes?  Update Your League Officers in the Database (NEW)
If your League has a change in leadership, don’t forget to update your League’s officers’ information in the LWVUS database. If you have any questions or need help, contact Betty Taira.  Engage your members to lead with these ideas from the MLD program.


Education Fund


Assault on Voting Rights Continues as State Legislatures Kick into High Gear (NEW)
So far this year 1,896 election related bills have been introduced in state legislatures across the country. Not all of the bills are harmful to voters but the continuing trend of voter suppression legislation is clearly evident as legislators push new and/or resurrected bills that create new barriers to voting. Among this legislation are photo ID bills in Missouri, Alaska, North Carolina, Mississippi and Virginia, all of which could pass this year. The struggle to protect Election Day registration in Wisconsin continues and Florida is attempting to “fix” the problems that were created by bad election laws passed in 2011. Check out election related bills in your state.



Make an Impact on Climate Change with the Updated Climate Action Toolkit 
The LWVUS Climate Change Task Force encourages League members to consider adopting a Climate Initiative as part of their local program at their annual meetings this year.  There are two issue areas in particular where Leagues can make a real impact on greenhouse gas emissions -- energy efficiency in buildings and renewable energy. The Grassroots Action Priorities section of the LWVUS Climate Action Toolkit includes detailed information about climate solutions. To share your League's story, please send your answers to these questions to Task Force Chair, Eleanor Revelle (er@revelle.net).  



Help Ensure the League’s Vibrant Future by Supporting the Fund for Local League Growth (NEW)
“I wouldn’t trade my League experience for anything!” It’s always the right time to reflect on the personal gifts the League has given to you and consider making a gift to the Fund for Local League Growth (FLLG). As this quote reminds us, League is an experience like no other! The FLLG is a special fund that solely supports local League growth and vitality through the Membership and Leadership Development program. This program is making great strides to ensure a vibrant, healthy and strong League future by providing training, technical support and coaching to local Leagues in membership recruitment, retention and leadership development. Member contributions to the FLLG are critical to the long-term success of the Membership and Leadership Development program!

Please, donate to the Fund for Local League Growth today!


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