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League of Women Voters Leaders' Update

February 7, 2013

In This Issue:


  • LWVUS Legislative Priorities for 2013 (NEW)
  • Join the League for the “Forward on Climate” Rally (NEW)
  • Leagues Join Amicus Briefs in the Case of Shelby County vs. Holder (NEW)


  • Join LWVUS as We Play Bingo and Live-Tweet President Obama’s State of the Union Address (NEW)


    • How does your State’s Elections System Rate? (NEW)
    • New and Improved High School Voter Registration Training Manual


  • Gain Local Press around the League’s 93rd Birthday: Template Available
  • Thank YOU for Updating the LWVUS Database! (NEW)
  • LWVUS Welcomes LWV of South Central Indiana (NEW)
  • Congratulations to our Second Round of Database Contest Winners! (NEW)


  • Help Plan the League’s Next 93 Years (NEW)


Get Started on the New League Forums

The League's aging discussion list system will be closing in early February 2013. In its place, we have built the League Forums, a new online community exclusively for League members and leaders. Don’t wait any longer, take the time today to log in and join the discussions on the League Forums.

Why should you join the League Forums?

  1. Like the discussion lists, the League Forums provide an opportunity to interact with fellow League members on specific topics and to share experiences and tools.
  2. The Forums notifications system allows you to decide if you want to follow a group (topic), a single discussion within a group, or even just a single person.
  3. All messages are archived online for future reference.
  4. You can easily build and manage your own personal profile.


Go to www.lwv.org, click on LOGIN in the top red bar. Once logged in, use the Forums link in the left navigation bar. Members interested in learning more are welcome to view a recorded webinar introducing the new Forums.

Dear Friend,

As the League powered the vote for the 2012 Election, we reminded voters that ‘your vote is your voice.’ Now that the votes have been cast, it is time to govern and government of, by, and for the people requires active and engaged citizen voices all the time, not just during an election. To realize the power of the vote, we must raise our voices to demand accountability.

The League was founded 93 years ago not just to register and inform newly enfranchised women voters, but also to integrate women into the political process. To accomplish either mission League members relied on facts with the belief that knowledge is power. Over the years, the League has become a trusted source for information on both the electoral and political process and on the issues that confront the community.

We are seeing a new majority emerge in America and that majority is just now finding its voice. The League has fought hard to keep politicians from silencing this new majority by erecting barriers to the vote and that fight is far from over. Voting rights and even citizenship are hot button issues right now. The tools in the League’s citizen tool bag transcend voter service. Could the voters we registered last year benefit from those tools? From  observer corps to legislative news letters to educational forums, the League has always helped voters translate the power of their vote to the power of their voice. Our work in communities around the country offers an opportunity to promote our tools through our partnerships, events and online channels.

In League,
Description: Elisabeth



LWVUS Legislative Priorities for 2013 (NEW)

The LWVUS Board established the following as Legislative Priorities for 2013:
Money in Politics and the many facets of Election Reform. 

In addition, the following were included as a second tier of focus for 2013:
Climate Change, Gun Safety and Immigration.

Other issues, such as Health Care Defense and Budget/Taxes may be acted on as opportunities arise for League action, if they do not interfere with action on an LWVUS priority, and it appears the LWVUS can make an impact.

The Board considered many issues and the responses from League members suggesting Legislative Priorities. The decisions were based on what issues are likely to come before the 113th Congress, the opportunities to make an impact, program decisions made by members at the last Convention, member interest, and resources available to manage these priorities effectively. The Board reviews these priorities throughout the year, making changes if necessary.

Join the League for the “Forward on Climate” Rally (NEW)
On February 17th, the League will be joining groups from the environmental community to rally in Washington, DC on Climate Change. The rally will start at noon at the northeast corner of the Washington Monument. If you are interested in joining the largest climate rally in history, please contact Jessica Jones for details at jjones@lwv.org. You can also check out the rally website!

Leagues Join Amicus Briefs in the Case of Shelby County vs. Holder (NEW)
LWVUS and the South Carolina League point out the continuing importance of the Voting Rights Act and urge the Court to uphold its constitutionality in amicus briefs before the Supreme Court in Shelby County v. Holder.


Communications - Making Connections

Join LWVUS as We Play Bingo and Live-Tweet during President Obama’s State of the Union Address (NEW)
Watch President Obama’s State of the Union Address (SOTU) next Tuesday, February 12th and play the LWV Bingo Game. Have fun tracking how the President’s speech aligns with the League’s legislative priorities! Download your Bingo board today.

You can also join us on Twitter; we’ll be live-tweeting during the SOTU and we’ll call-out when the President’s speech hits squares on your Bingo board. Find us at @LWV and join the conversation by using the hashtags #LWV and #SOTU. Good luck!

Education Fund


How does your State’s Elections System Rate? (NEW)
Pew Research released a study this week that ranks all 50 states’ elections systems based on more than 15 criteria. The criteria included wait times, lost votes and problems with absentee and provisional ballots. The data featured in this report cover the 2008 and 2010 elections and will be updated when official 2012 data becomes available in late 2013. Find out where your state rates by reading this article in the New York Times and the actual study.

New and Improved High School Voter Registration Training Manual
LWVEF updated its popular Empowering the Voters of Tomorrow training manual for 2013! This publication, available for free download on the League’s website, features a step-by-step guide for conducting effective high school voter registration drives. The manual is also chock-full of customizable, field-tested, planning checklists, template media statements, talking points, activity ideas and other materials to help you stay on track and get the most out of any registration events. Thanks to the many Leagues and other partners who provided feedback. Let’s get to work registering new voters this spring!


Membership and Leadership

Gain Local Press around the League’s 93rd Birthday: Template Available
On February 14th, the League of Women Voters celebrates 93 years of positive impact on American communities and democracy. This is a great opportunity to reach out to your local media! LWVUS created a press template for your local League to use.  Remember that your League can raise visibility for the League’s work, highlight the value of League membership, and generate new members while celebrating the League’s history.

Thank YOU for Updating the LWVUS Database! (NEW)
Thank you to all the League members who updated the online roster! The membership numbers reflected in the LWVUS database by YOU help show our powerful nationwide presence and will assist all Leagues in fundraising, advocating, and educating. The changes you made in the LWVUS membership database before February 5th, 2013 will be reflected in your League’s SUMMARY SHEET and will ensure correct PMP billing. If you have any questions, please contact membership@lwv.org.

LWVUS Welcomes LWV of South Central Indiana (NEW)
At its recent board meeting, LWVUS recognized a new local League:  LWV of South Central Indiana.  The League took the lead during election season hosting candidate forums and receptions for newly elected officials – some with more than 75 in attendance! LWVUS welcomes them to the League family and extends a special thanks to the LWV of Indiana for mentoring them through this process. Congratulations!

Congratulations to our Second Round of Database Contest Winners! (NEW)
Thanks to the MANY Leagues that updated the expiration date on all of their member records in the national database by January 25th.  Of those, five Leagues were selected at random to receive a $25 Staples gift card. Our five lucky Leagues are:  LWV of Mendocino County (CA), LWV of Kansas City, Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties (MO), LWV of Glen Rock (NJ), LWV of The Cape Cod Area (MA), and LWV of Pensacola Bay Area (FL).  Congratulations to these Leagues and a huge thanks to all those Leagues that have been working hard to keep the membership database up-to-date.



Help Plan the League’s Next 93 Years
The League of Women Voters Education Fund continues to be at the forefront of voter engagement and public policy issue education, which allows citizens to thoughtfully engage in the democratic process. We invite you to learn about planning your charitable gifts to the League in a way that will maximize your investment in democracy while providing opportunities for you to share the benefit. For information on how to include the League in your will—or to obtain a charitable gift annuity, participate in our pooled income fund, or find other ways that will provide income to you and your loved one while helping to ensure the League’s future—contact the national League Development office at 202-263-1355 or development@lwv.org.

Donate to the League and support our work.


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