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  • Guide to the Toolkit
  • Leagues in Action
  • I. Choosing a Role for Your League

    II. Grassroots Action Priorities

  • Climate Action
  • Price on Carbon
  • Our Children's Trust
  • Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Renewable Energy
  • Adapting to Climate Change
  • III. Basics of Climate Change

    IV. Engaging Individuals

  • Communicating About Climate Change
  • Preparing for a Meeting on Climate Change
  • Engaging Groups in Your Community
  • V. Promoting Public Policy

  • Community Action Models
  • Organizing For Community Action
  • Tips for Building Grassroots Support
  • League Action on Climate Change
  • International Action
  • VI. Resources


    Opinion pieces and letters to the editor are similar. Sometimes a newspaper will call upon a local community group (such as the League) to write an opinion piece on a certain issue; sometimes the League will submit something on its own. Letters-to-the-editor are similar, appear on the opinion page of the newspaper, and often appear in response to a previous article that has appeared.

    Opinion pieces should be SHORT, no more than 500 words. Sometimes a paper will have a word limit posted on its website.

    Use very simple, clear, and concise language that will grab attention.

    You will usually submit letters via email. Be sure to include your full contact information and League title. Opinion pages are generally put together a few days ahead of time, so be sure to submit it early enough in advance.

    When you submit a letter-to-the-editor, call the opinion page office and ask them who to send to, what their submission requirements are, and if the paper is likely to run the piece. They will likely give you an honest answer. If they make edits to your letter, they may ask for your approval.

    Op/Eds and Letters-to-the-Editor also serve as great opportunities to gain coverage after an event has already happened.

    From time to time, the weekly League Update from the LWVUS President will include a sample press release that can help you spread the word about a particular event or call to action.