Urge President Obama to Protect Our Climate and Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline

The League of Women Voters has long fought battles to protect clean air and water, prevent harmful pollutants that contribute to climate change, and inform the public of what they can do to get involved in the ongoing battle to protect public health and the environment.

Join the League in our ongoing fight to protect the environment by urging President Obama to protect our climate and reject the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The proposed pipeline will threaten the safety of drinking water, promote bad energy policy and increase the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. The Keystone XL Pipeline will stretch 1,700 miles across America to carry the dirtiest oil on the planet to be refined and then shipped overseas. A spill or major leak could devastate the aquifer that provides drinking and irrigation water to millions. If approved, the oil from the pipeline would generate three times more global warming pollution than conventional oil.

The U.S. should be a leader on fighting the effects of climate change, not facilitating the creation of additional pollution to harm the planet. Our policies must focus on creating sustainable and clean sources of energy. Now is the time for the U.S. to lead the world through the greatest environmental challenge of our generation – global warming.

The Keystone XL pipeline is all risk and no reward.  Tell President Obama that protecting the earth is about making important decisions to ensure the long-term health of our citizens, wildlife and agriculture.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here