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Gifts of Stock

stock charts, a suit, and a pin reading 'My Stock Gift'

Contact us for more information about giving gifts of stock.

Gifts of stock may be made to the League as an outright gift or to fund a life income plan, such as a charitable remainder annuity trust or charitable remainder unitrust that pays annual income to you or another beneficiary before the League receives the remainder.

Please notify us before making a gift of securities at (202) 429-1965 or to ensure your gift is credited properly.

Be sure to provide the following information to your broker to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock.

Delivery Instructions:

DTC Number: 0235

Account Number: 318-42226

Account Name: League of Women Voters Education Fund


Kathy Vormack

The Chevy Chase Center

RBC Wealth Management

5425 Wisconsin Ave, Ste 301

Telephone: 301-907-2708 or 888-909-4562

Fax: 301-907-2701

If you have questions about making a stock gift, please contact Emily Yost at (202) 263-1352.