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Pooled Income Fund

You can participate in the League of Women Voters’ Pooled Income Fund with gift of $5,000 or more in cash or securities.

You can designate your gift to the League’s Education Fund or a state or local League of your choice, avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated securities, take a partial tax deduction and generate a lifetime income stream.

Each gift made to the Pooled Income Fund is invested together with the gifts of other Pooled Income Fund donors. Participating donors or their beneficiaries receive a quarterly payment representing their proportionate “share” of the Fund’s earnings. When the last beneficiary of your gift passes away, the principal attributed to your gift is transferred to the League of Women Voters Education Fund or the League(s) you previously designated.

For more information contact the League’s Development Office at 202-429-1965 or use the form below:

The League encourages prospective donors to seek the counsel of their own legal, financial and tax advisors in all matters pertaining to charitable gifts.