About the Clean Air Promise

The League of Women Voters is asking members of Congress, respected community leaders and citizens around the country to promise to protect the health of children and families from air pollution. This is a social commitment that we make to each other and which we depend on our elected officials in Congress to carry out and safeguard.  For too long, the debate has focused on “overregulation” and featured false assertions that environmental protections hurt our economy. Clean air saves lives, and we need to ensure clean air for our children and families in the future.

Some public officials are trying to undermine the Clean Air Act and to strip the EPA of its ability to limit air pollution and emission of toxics like mercury, arsenic and other dangerous substances which threaten public health. For decades, the League of Women Voters has put the health of families ahead of other concerns. The League was one of the first environmental organizations to speak out for the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The League is bringing the Clean Air Promise to voters around the country in order to inform and engage Americans on the issue of clean air and to demonstrate what is at stake.

Below are some examples of our recent work to defend the Clean Air Act and public health.