League keeps up the fight for disclosure of secret cash

Most Americans think that they have done their civic duty by going to the polls two weeks ago. League members realize that casting a ballot - hopefully an informed ballot- is just a piece of civic engagement. Now comes the hard part, reminding those elected officials that they have a constituency back home and it includes those voters who voted for someone else, voters who, for whatever reason, stayed away from the polls, and those who cannot vote!

That task is particularly hard in a lame duck legislative session, but the League is weighing in on important issues, such as the Disclose Act and the Start Treaty.

Several nonpartisan organizations, including the League and Common Cause, literally took a stand at a media event on Capitol Hill on Thursday calling upon the Senate to pass a stripped down version of the Disclose Act which is focused solely on disclosure by special interests.

Bob Edgar of Common Cause, in front of the camera, turned and shook his fist at the Capitol, asking Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell whose side they were on.

Recent poll results showing that 72% of Americans supported disclosure were cited.

And with the wind whipping our prepared statement, the League of Women Voters in the form of your president, pointed out that all this money corrupts, absolutely and that disclosing the sources of election financing was the only protection permitted to voters after Citizens United.

While I was in Washington, I also had the opportunity to fulfill my role as constituent, accompanying a bipartisan group of women legislators from my state on a visit to our senators. The topic was not Disclose, but the START Treaty. It was a real pleasure to be able to thank Senator Johnny Issackson for his votes in support of the treaty, especially since we were able to do that in person.

My visit coincided with the monthly briefing of the League's Lobby Corps! It was a great privilege to be able to meet these dedicated folks who do such a good job of representing the League on Capitol Hill.

Stay tuned! My travels are not over. There is a lot of work to do in the next few weeks and I expect to be back in our nation's capitol a few more times. Next issue- Preserving the Office of Congressional Ethics.



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League keeps up

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