Take a Stand Against Voter Suppression

If we’ve learned one thing in the fifty years since the Voting Rights Act was passed, it’s that self-serving politicians will stop at nothing to deny or restrict the rights of some voters — particularly those historically marginalized or disenfranchised — to vote.

Purging existing voters from the rolls. Scaling back early voting. Passing onerous voter photo ID requirements. Reducing the number of polling places, causing cumbersome wait times. These tactics hurt our democracy — and have surged since the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision to gut key provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

The League worked tirelessly during the 2016 election to fight voter suppression tactics that undermine our democracy and keep eligible voters from the ballot box: making thousands of phone calls in Ohio about the undemocratic voter purge, conducting outreach in Virginia about the state’s new voter photo ID law, fighting to protect Kansas voters affected by the state’s illegal attempts to restrict voter registration, and more.

And we won’t stop. In Congress, in statehouses and in courtrooms across the country, the League is taking a stand to ensure our elections are free, fair and accessible. No exceptions. But we need you to stand with us. Will you sign our petition demanding no voter be left behind?


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