Fix the Fiscal Cliff

With a January 1 deadline fast approaching, when steep and unsustainable spending cuts and tax increases will harm the economy, the time has come for our leaders to come together and move our country forward.  Congress has an historic opportunity to support a new direction for federal fiscal policy.

The League of Women Voters supports a federal fiscal policy that recognizes the importance of a fair tax system, that provides for social needs, and that will carefully manage the deficit and the economy. It’s time to recognize we need change and to take things in a new direction. Join us in telling Congress to support a new direction for federal fiscal policy.

More than 20 million people are in need of full-time work, and unemployment continues to hover around 8 percent.  But budget “hawks” are pushing for huge spending cuts that will harm the economy.  At the same time, the top two percent of taxpayers are not paying their fair share.  Millions of seniors, children, people with disabilities, and others are depending on social programs to get by. Our fiscal policy must support people in need, while carefully balancing the deficit and the economy.

America is facing a financial crisis. Tell Congress to provide a long-term solution by increasing revenue, protecting the social safety net, reducing defense spending, and carefully managing the deficit.