ACTION ALERT: Make the Clean Air Promise

In 1970, Congress made a promise to future generations by passing the Clean Air Act to protect us from pollutants like smog, soot and mercury. It is up to us to keep that promise and to make our own promise to generations to come. For too long, the debate about pollution has focused on “overregulation” and featured false assertions that environmental protections hurt our economy. Clean air is an issue of public health. This is not about corporate bottom lines.

Urge your Senators and Representative, other elected officials, and community leaders to make the “Clean Air Promise:”

I promise to protect America's children and families from dangerous air pollution.

Because toxics and pollutants such as mercury, smog, carbon, and soot, cause thousands of hospital visits, asthma attacks, and even deaths,

I will support clean air policies and other protections that scientists and public health experts have recommended to the EPA to safeguard our air quality.

Clean air and public health protections work for our families and protect our kids. We need to do everything we can to reduce harmful air pollution from toxics like mercury and arsenic and other pollutants like carbon and ozone and oppose the big polluters who say our kids aren't worth the minimal cost to reduce these dangerous emissions.