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This is the LeaguE-Voice newsletter from the League of Women Voters. You can also view it online.

The League Voice Newsletter

November 2010

I couldn’t be prouder of the League this election season. During my pre-election travel to nine states, I saw firsthand the incredible work by our grassroots — registering tens of thousands of new voters, providing nonpartisan candidate information through millions of printed and online voters’ guides, and holding hundreds of candidate debates seen and heard by thousands.  Click here to browse some highlights of our election year news coverage, including voter registration, VOTE411.org, election protection efforts and my travel.

Post-election, two major election players demand our immediate attention: secret money and incivility. This year voters were overwhelmed by millions of dollars in negative ads, but didn’t know who paid for many of them. League members nationwide have been calling on their elected officials to support the DISCLOSE Act, which would require corporations and unions to disclose the dollars they spend influencing our elections.

The League will continue to address the other major issue— incivility. The tone of the 2010 campaign exhibited a disturbing new low in American politics. Not only was this evident in the costly advertising; we also saw it in candidate debates and forums and in the public discourse.

Election 2010 is behind us, but more important work is ahead of us!  As 2011 approaches, do stay in touch with the League and me through my blog and Facebook.

Elisabeth MacNamara
Elisabeth MacNamara
President, LWVUS

Election 2010 and Beyond

Election Year Visibility
Click here to browse some highlights of our election year news coverage, including voter registration, VOTE411.org, protection efforts and my travel.  This visibility resulted in thousands more voters turning to the League for help! In addition to intensive attention from political news sources, we are particularly proud to have been covered by outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN.

National Voter Registration Act Victory in Arizona
In a major decision the week before Election Day, a federal appeals court invalidated Arizona’s requirement for proof-of-citizenship in order to register to vote. The three-judge panel, with Sandra Day O’Connor “sitting by designation,” agreed with the League's amicus brief that the requirement violates the National Voter Registration Act. 

Beyond Election Day: Young People Getting Involved in Democracy
Just days before Election Day, the League hosted a forum to discuss the trends that impact youth civic participation. League members, leaders in civic engagement and young people turned out to participate in this discussion. Post election reports indicate young people turned out to vote in numbers comparable to past midterm elections. Much more needs to be done to empower youth, especially the underrepresented, so our October 28 conversation is a helpful springboard for broader youth engagement activities.

Stop Secret Money

In this year's elections, secret money ran rampant. If we're going to cleanse our democracy with a strong dose of transparency that eliminates this kind of election spending, we need action before Congress calls it quits for 2010. The League’s concerns were highlighted in a November 4th Bloomberg Businessweek article. At its November 18 press conference on Capitol Hill, the League again strongly urged the Senate to pass the DISCLOSE Act during this “lame duck” session.

Protect and Strengthen the Congressional Ethics Office

With unprecedented levels of secret money spent in our elections this year, now is not the time to weaken oversight of congressional ethics. Yet the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) is under attackABC News cites the League’s call to Congress not to shut down the OCE in “Are GOP Leaders Quietly Trying to Axe Office of Congressional Ethics?”

Pass the New START Treaty

Urge Your Senators to Ratify START!

Read League President MacNamara’s letter to the editor in the New York Times regarding its Nov. 7 editorial, "Plenty of Work for the Lame Duck: And Other Urgent Business." See an earlier League statement urging passage of the New START Treaty.

Quest for a More Diverse Judiciary Success in Kansas

The League and its “Safeguarding U.S. Democracy:  A Quest for a More Diverse Judiciary” program applaud Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson for further increasing the diversity of the Kansas Supreme Court with his recent appointment of Judge Nancy Moritz Caplinger on November 1. The League has been working since October 2009 for increased gender diversity on the Kansas judiciary. 

Global Democracy

This month local League's hosted international visitors through the League’s 2010 Eurasia Civic Hosting Program. Each League arranged a comprehensive program focused on elections and good governance.

In early November, the League’s two Brazilian and 11 Colombian Fellows participated in the 2010 Legislative Fellows Congress in Washington, DC. They joined Fellows from Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan for U.S. State Department hosted meetings and activities. 

Special Offers

Book and Article on League Roots
In celebration of the League's 90th anniversary, author Robert Cooney wrote an article about the roots of the League in the woman suffrage movement, based on his presentation at the League's 2010 National Convention. For a limited time, through December 31, Mr. Cooney and his publisher are making available to members and friends of the League autographed copies of his award-winning, richly illustrated history, Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement (no charge for shipping). More information and the article are accessible here.

Sale at the League Shop: 90th Anniversary Items: 50% off! Just in time for the holidays! League 90th anniversary items are on sale until December 31, 2010. Key chain with valet key separator (currently $4.25) on sale for $2.00 with purchase of five or more, Luggage tags ($4.00) for $2.00 with purchase of five or more, Lapel pins ($3.25) for $1.25 with purchase of 12 or more, USB Drive ($15.00) for $8.00 with purchase of five or more.

Support the League

Leaving a Legacy
Including the League of Women Voters Education Fund in your will is among the easiest ways to offer support of the our work for years to come. We suggest the following language to include the League as a beneficiary of a will or trust: " I give, devise, and bequeath to the League of Women Voters Education Fund, a charitable organization formed in the District of Columbia, with offices at 1730 M Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20036, {the sum of $___ } {___ percentage of my residuary estate}." If you already have a will, you can have your attorney add a codicil to include the Education Fund. After you've added the League, please contact Lauren Frank so we can list you as a member of our Carrie Chapman Catt Legacy Society.

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Spending by parties, candidates and issue groups in Campaign 2010 totaled $4,000,000,000

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LWV of Sussex County (DE) Celebrates Election Day at Historic Parade

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