Happy Constitution Day!

Join with us as we celebrate Constitution Day, the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution.  

This is an opportunity to reflect upon the remarkable foundations we continue to rely on today.  Let us all remain dedicated to the hard work required to protect individual liberties, ensure an open and responsive government, and promote a fair and independent judiciary.



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Why bother? To tease the students? Might as well use it as TP with what's going on lately...the latest tragedy-no warrants for phone taps!!...maybe we'll actually respect our Constitution again after Bush is out but I doubt it!!!
Perhaps you should teach about how the Constitution and the rights it's supposed to insure are being trampled all over instead...End Reviews


Constitution Day

Constitution Day is often celebrated on the anniversary of the signing, promulgation or adoption of the constitution, or at times, to Do My Essay UK commemorate the change to a constitutional monarchy.

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