A day that paved the way for future generations

On Friday, we celebrated the 91st anniversary of gender equality with women achieving the right to vote. Today is the 48th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, which called for racial equality and an end to discrimination.

It’s curious that even decades after these monumental changes, we still count the anniversaries. Some would say it is so we never forget, while others might argue it is because our quest is not over.

Dr. King believed that true equality meant more than just equality of opportunity. He believed in extending a governmental helping hand to those who had suffered discrimination. Today, we see greater income inequality rather than less and that inequality impacts more and more people. We are still far from Dr King's dream.

The upcoming dedication of the King statue has provoked discussion of what he would think of a static memorial to such a dynamic and ongoing struggle. Achieving his dream requires constant effort and education.

In 1920, our foremothers recognized that mere words could not guarantee civic participation of newly enfranchised women. In lieu of a memorial “made of marble which few would see and even fewer understand,” they founded the League of Women Voters to finish the fight.

Together, we stand as a living memorial, continuing to stand up for equality for those who need it most. And we remember Dr. King’s inspiring words and actions that paved the way for future generations.



IS there any lady out there who is willing to buy into my idea that women can change the world with their vote?

It is such a pity that a century of suffrage rights in the US of A has produced little significant changes that can be emulated by women in places like Saudi Arabia!

LADIES-CHANGE- THE- WORLD MOVEMENT is for ladies who realize that at over 50% of the population, they have the muscle to bridge the gap between gender equality principle and practice. PURPOSE TO JOIN!

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