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Membership Moments

#74: Remember the Magic 8 Ball?

by Marcia Merrins

Dear League Leaders,
You can be kissing League membership or contribution checks because by learning the power of making the "ASK". Most people don't get new members because they never ask, or even worse, they never ask anything, period.

When you ask a question, you throw the ball to the other player - your member prospect - you get them involved. Question after question, you lead them down the field, first down, second down, first down until you've got a TOUCHDOWN (enter end-zone dance here)!

The questions you ask put you in position to make a League friend. How do you know what your member/contributor prospect  needs? Wants? Thinks? Believes in? How do you know what their past experiences have been? What they find of value? Are you assuming, or asking?

As an "asker", the best feeling in the world is to have someone smile and say, "That's a great question." AH, success! That's what asking questionsis all about. It's about asking relevant and powerful questions that get your prospects to smile and then reveal something about themselves, their needs, wants, thoughts, beliefs, past experiences or what they find of value.

Doing this doesn't happen overnight. It takes preparation and practice. It also requires that you put into action what you already know.

Here's how to be a  "asker":

1. Ask open-ended questions. I'm not telling you something new; I'm just repeating something that the majority of people still don't do! Break the bad habit of asking questions that allow your prospect to reply with a simple yes or no. If they don't have to think about their answer, you haven't asked a good question.

2. Prepare questions before hand. Spend time creating questions before you meet with your prospect. Asking relevant and powerful questions doesn't just happen. You have to put some work into it.  You'll be amazed at how differently the conversation goes when you arrive prepared, with not just knowledge about the prospect but, with questions too.

3. Get them thinking. If it's a question you've heard everyone and their Grandma ask, then don't ask it. Think outside the Magic 8 ball (where you only get yes or no or maybe answers) and be forward thinking.  Be thought provoking, relevant, and creative to move forward.

4. Ask for their support. This should be the easiest on the list but usually it's the one that people fear the most - the fear of rejection.  You'll never get anywhere if you don't ASK! What's the worst that can happen?



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