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Membership Moments

#73: A Message from Rudyard Kipling

by Marcia Merrins

Dear League Leaders

Council 2011 was well focused  as leaders thought through the challenges as they set goals for their state leagues.  This exercise served as a springboard for ideas. Change, adapt, add, or delete as necessary for your League. Get your creative juices going! 

I keep six honest serving men

(They taught me all I knew)

Their names are What, and Why and When

and How and Where and Who.

-by Rudyard Kipling, “Six Honest Serving Men” from the “Elephant’s Child”



1. WHO

  • What can help or make contributions?
  • Who must I “sell” on this idea?
  • Who can help me get additional resources?
  • Who will benefit?

2.  WHAT

  • What do I need in the way of additional resources?
  • What techniques or methods can I use?
  • What is the best way? The first step?
  • What will make the idea better?

3.  WHERE  

  • Where should I start?
  • Where is resistance likely to be found?
  • Where should I “plant seeds”?

4.  WHEN  

  • When should I introduce the plan?
  • When should we implement the ideas?
  • When should we revise our strategy?

5.  WHY  

  • Why should they buy this idea?
  • Why is this way better?
  • Why is the resistance so strong?

6.  HOW

  • How can we improve the idea?
  • How can we “test the waters”?
  • How can I persuade centers of influence?





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