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Membership Moments

#72: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You...

by Marcia Merrins

Dear League Leaders,

On any team, one of the most difficult, yet important, steps is to become acquainted with other board members. Even if many of you have served together on your League board of directors for years, I am sure most Leagues have a few newbies. Even if you don't, on your retreat or board orientation take a few minutes to get to know a bit more about each other!

To make the job of introducing yourself a little easier, take a few minutes and consider the following statements. You can scribble some thoughts and ideas.

Who am I?______________________________________________________________

Money, time, and responsibility aside, I would rather be doing___________________________________more than anything else.

If I were going to a costume party,  I would dress as a _________________________because________________.

What I value most is:_______________________________________________________

What motivates me is:______________________________________________________

What I like most about the League is ___________________________________________

What I like least about the League is:___________________________________________

Most of all, have a bit of fun with this!



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