Leagues front and center on redistricting reform

I was proud to represent the League at a special Brookings Institution event: Toward Public Participation in Redistricting.  Together with my colleagues from the civic engagement world we discussed how to foster a more transparent and fair redistricting process in 2011.   The League has worked for many decades to reform the redistricting process.   In 2011, Leagues are gearing up to host public events, preparing testimony, educating the media, engaging key allies and taking advantage of exciting new mapping technology to ensure districts are drawn in the open and that the public has meaningful opportunities to weigh in. We look forward to sharing more details about our state Leagues’ successes in the coming weeks. If you want to get involved, please contact your local League!



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Conflictual redistricting invigorates the political framework, infusing fresh recruits, urging a few delegates to resign, Essay Writing Service UK and makes progressively focused races: the responsiveness of the factional sythesis of the lawmaking body to changes.


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Conflictual redistricting invigorate the political framework, infusing clean recruits, urging a few delegates to surrender, and makes regularly targeted races: the responsiveness of the factional synthesis of the lawmaking body to adjustments. Finest Essay Help

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