Kansas League speaks out on voter id law

League of Women Voters of Kansas Statement:

"We are deeply disappointed but not surprised by the governor’s actions. This new law is a giant step backwards for voters’ rights.  By requiring eligible citizens to present government-issued, current and valid photo identification at the polling place in 2012 and proof of citizenship by 2013 in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

"This new government program is a prime example of wasteful use of taxpayers’ money on a new program that will cost citizens of Kansas millions of dollars to implement a new bureaucracy – all in an effort to “fix” a problem that doesn’t exist.

"In addition to the costs of supplying free ID’s to voters there are other significant costs that need to be addressed such as additional poll worker training, public education campaigns, defending against lawsuits, printing and mailing additional absentee ballots.  County and local governments will need more funds in order to stay open longer and accommodate voters who need to secure a photo ID.   When you take all of these factors into consideration the fiscal impact quickly increases.

"In addition to the extraordinary cost, this new government program could disenfranchise tens of thousands of registered voters without a valid photo ID due to disability, age, illness, transportation, or financial issues. Our state government should be in the business of making it easier for citizens to vote, not adding costly restrictions and hassles that will negatively impact voters. The League of Women Voters of Kansas and their voter coalition partners will continue to explore all options at their disposal to ensure that all eligible voters can vote and have their votes counted.


Response to Kansas LWV: It's not just in Kansas anymore...

The anti-voting politicians of Kansas are not acting alone.

This particular specious drive to eradicate a nonexistent fraud is, in reality, only part of an organized campaign to suppress voting nationwide.

With demographics changing to their detriment, and national opinion surveys differing from their points of view, political and corporate operatives are systematically neutralizing groups that increase access to voting, especially for those of lower and middle income groups.

Long ago the LWV was eliminated as the impartial sponsor of national televised debates. Voting irregularities and stopping of the recount in Bush v. Gore was the first truly emboldening success. The attacks on PBS and NPR, including through radical governance of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the FCC, were attempts not only to change the balance of broadcast opinion, but also to interfere with the presentation of facts, particularly social justice and scientific facts.

The Citizens' United ruling of the Supreme Court has put activist judges squarely on the side of secretive and unrestrained campaign financing. The impact that flow of money has had in recent elections is indeed and intentionally incalculable.

Last year this political and corporate element eliminated ACORN, the largest group that encouraged voting among the poor of our nation. This year every possible step is being taken to diminish unions' organizing and fund raising ability, including but not limited to scapegoating workers' for economic problems caused by gamblers on Wall Street who have not been called to court for their actions.

The ridiculous and even slanderous so-called “Birther” movement is a cynical campaign to interfere with the 2012 presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Hawaii has spent untold time and money fielding questions about President Obama's birth certificate that he long ago put on line. The sole reason anyone would want to continue this insincere campaign would be to create expensive state-by-state challenges to Obama's legitimacy to be on the ballot. Governor Brewer's "a bridge too far" is not too far in several other states which may become the focal points of anti-voting battles.

Civil Rights obstacles 21st century style have no dogs or fire hoses, but it have equally pernicious means for suppressing votes, making campaign finance a vehicle for secretive domination by a few exceedingly wealthy people and groups, and conceivably, as Bev Harris has found, actual manipulation of the balloting process.

This week's Michigan legislation allows the governor to eradicate towns’ rights of self-governance. He has sent EFMs to Benton Harbor where they have issued what is essentially a cease and desist order to the duly elected officials. In the midst of shady dealings having to do with a town beach and a golf resort in this impoverished town, Benton Harbor’s governing board’s right to act on behalf of the people who elected them has been eliminated by state edict.

This spring we are seeing more than the usual difficulty of keeping campaign promises. Several winners in states and at the federal level are being judged as having pulled a “bait and switch”. The focus of the newly elected is different and more sweeping than anything hinted at in the campaign.

The LWV is standing for Voting Rights and self-governance against a complex, highly-organized, and well-funded attack on the basic rights of voting and representation. No less than democracy is in the balance.

Thank you for protecting the rights of us all.

voter identification

As a 30 year member of LWVMI, I favor photo identification for voters.It protects the vote of everyone.
As a nurse I firmly believe we should be promoting proper identification for everyone in case of injury. Some of LWVUS logic is antiquated. Persons need proper identification to recieve benifits and health care. Why not for voting?

Voter ID

If they don't have a government ID how can they prove they are citizens????

If voting is such a corner stone of our democracy, why would the LWV want our very close elections altered by foreign nationals?

Just like we do not know the true number of illegal aliens we don't know how many are voting.

If you don't check you won't find it.

Foreign Nationals Voted In NM Elections, Official Says

Secretary of State Pushes To Tighten Voter Registration Laws

SANTA FE, N.M. -- New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran said she has proof that foreign nationals and possibly illegal immigrants have cast ballots in elections in the state.

There’s long been speculation that foreign nationals have voted illegally in New Mexico elections. On Tuesday, Duran told Action 7 News that they have.

“For every illegal vote, an honest vote is disenfranchised,” Duran said.

After comparing the state’s voter registration list with the MVD’s list of foreign nationals with New Mexico driver’s licenses, she said she discovered 117 foreign nationals who are registered to vote. Duran said some of them cast ballots between 2003 and 2010.

“We’ve just begun the process, and within 24 hours found 37 that we believe are not eligible voters, and are registered voters and did already vote,” Duran said.

sentence structure

(not to be printed but for staff).
The third sentence in the first paragraph is not a sentence. Please join it with the second sentence or rewrite it.

Voter ID Law

I think the voter ID law is necessary to keep our voting system uncorrupted. 30 years ago when I lived in NYC I had a voter ID card. I do not think there is anything wrong with showing proof of citizenship to vote. Only the left is against it because it would thwart their vote stealing operation. That's the only way they can get elected with their ruinous policies that hurt working, tax paying families. They cheat by getting illegal immigrants, convicts and dead people to vote for them.

Nothing to do with this blog...

I'm confused about the L of W.V.... according to Wikipedia: "The League of Women Voters has as its official position that it is strictly nonpartisan; it neither supports nor opposes candidates for office at any level of government. At the same time, the League is wholeheartedly political and works to influence policy through advocacy. The league takes a stand on many political issues after studying them and coming to a consensus on a position."

Why is it that todays "woman's suffrage" organizations deems it necessary to undermine, discredit and probably even insult publicly other women such as Mrs. Palin who take a conservative stance BUT represents women in a positive manner? Wasn’t that the initial premise and foundation of the organization when it fought for ALL women for the right to vote? I don't particularly like Gov. Palin, but I would think that ALL women support organizations would bend over backwards to support a woman that has worked her way in a male dominated society dominated . Shame on you and all those support groups that undercut your sisters… No matter what their beliefs or political affiliations are.
Perhaps you need to go blow the dust of your old charters, read them & remember why you originally came to exist!
You all make it easy to vote liberals out of office! Have fun stuffing your faces with donuts as you all skin through Palin’s emails!

Perry in 2012!

Voter ID

It's nice that Kansas doesn't have voter fraud...according to Elisabeth's article, but there seems to be a problem in some precincts in the Houston area. During the election of 2008, there were individuals who had requested 'ballots by mail', who were coming in to vote again. I went to a training program which helped volunteers spot potential fraud during an election. I was a little taken back at how easy it was to defraud the system. I sure would like my vote to count.


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With demographics changing to their detriment, and national opinion surveys differing from their points of view, political and corporate operatives are systematically neutralizing groups that increase access to voting, especially for those of lower and middle income groups.


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This new law is a goliath step in reverse for voters' rights. By requiring qualified natives to show officially sanctioned, current and substantial photograph distinguishing proof at the surveying.

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Voters right

Whatever Kansas said is absolutely true that government should solve public problem not increase that. They should provide a valid voter id because many people out there who don't have a valid voter id due to many reasons like illness an poverty and many other.

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Many thanks for sharing here about Kansas League speaks out on voter id law. Nice piece of content on the League of Women Voters of Kansas and their voter coalition partners will continue to explore all options.

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