In the Toolkit --

I. Choosing a Role for Your League
Your League can play an important role in educating your community about global climate change and the need for strong action to reduce GHG emissions.

II. Grassroots Action Priorities
Learn about key issues where state and local League action can make a real difference right now. Priorities: Clean Air Defense. Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Renewable Energy.

III. Basics of Climate Change
Get up to speed on the basics of climate change with the clearly written and accessible resources in this section.

IV. Engaging Individuals
The decisions that people make every day have an impact on climate change. Help individuals and groups from school-age kids to congregations and business communities learn about actions they can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

V. Mobilizing Your Community
Learn about programs to cut GHG emissions and adopt more sustainable best practices and how you can help advance green initiatives in your community.

VI. Promoting Public Policy
Strong action at every level of government is needed to combat global climate change. Learn about important policy initiatives at the state and federal levels and ways in which you can build the public support needed to secure their adoption and implementation.

VII. Resources
Explore this comprehensive set of resources for in-depth information about key climate-related topics, including climate science, energy, economics, ethics, health, and national security.


Begin by learning what sustainability efforts may already be underway in your area. Does your state or community have a climate action plan to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions? (The Pew Center's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets map highlights the states that have established targets and provides details for each.) Is your local environment board working on any climate protection policies, such as a green building ordinance?

If an emissions-reduction program or a "green" policy initiative is already in motion, contact those who are leading the effort to discuss how your League can become involved. If no such program is in the works, consider convening a meeting of possible partners for a community-wide climate change initiative to explore their interest in joining with you to get something going.

Community Action Models
Communities around the country are taking action on climate change in a number of ways.

Local Policies and Programs
Local governments have the power to make GHG emissions reductions happen -- with such tools as building codes, land use and zoning decisions, purchasing policies, infrastructure investments, and incentive programs.

Organizing for Community Action
A number of tried-and-true steps can help ensure the success of a community action initiative.