In the Toolkit --


  • Guide to the Toolkit
  • Leagues in Action
  • I. Choosing a Role for Your League

    II. Grassroots Action Priorities

  • Climate Action
  • Price on Carbon
  • Our Children's Trust
  • Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Renewable Energy
  • Adapting to Climate Change
  • III. Basics of Climate Change

    IV. Engaging Individuals

  • Communicating About Climate Change
  • Preparing for a Meeting on Climate Change
  • Engaging Groups in Your Community
  • V. Promoting Public Policy

  • Community Action Models
  • Organizing For Community Action
  • Tips for Building Grassroots Support
  • League Action on Climate Change
  • International Action
  • VI. Resources


    This toolkit is intended to enable your League to be a part of the campaign to limit future climate change and protect the planet -- and to participate in a way that matches the interests and resources of your League. Developed by members of the LWVUS Climate Change Task Force, it explores a range of activities, strategies, and action plans.

    Task force members would like to hear from you about your experiences working on climate change. And other Leagues would like to learn from your example.  Please consider writing about what you have done -- a community forum, an energy efficiency initiative, a sustained action effort -- using these suggested questions as a general guide. Then send your League's climate action story to er(at), and we will post it here.

    These Leagues have shared their stories. We look forward to hearing from you, too!

    NEW.  The LWV Lake Michigan Region is gathering information about League action around the country on the Water/Climate Nexus. Visit the LWVLMR Member Resources webpage for details and links for more information.

    Last updated: 8/6/2016