Support local options bill to allow Ranked-Choice Voting

Washington currently uses a single-member, winner-take-all election system with a top-two primary. This system has led to several problems, including lack of representation for minority groups, winners in top-two primaries without majority support, and primary elections won by less popular candidates because of vote splitting. Alternative voting methods including Ranked-Choice Voting encourages greater civility and less negative campaigning, as well as more direct outreach by candidates to voters. RCV is widely recognized as an effective intervention for more equitable representation. It’s elected more diverse legislative bodies in places like Minneapolis and San Francisco, and it’s the recommended remedy to a voting rights lawsuit in Yakima, where the Latino community has struggled to secure fair representation. Please email your state house representatives and ask them to support HB 1156, and feel free to modify the draft email below to express your perspective.

This action is no longer active.

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