Phase Out Thin Plastic Carry-out Bags

ESSB 5323 will prohibit, across our state, single-use thin plastic grocery carryout bags. It passed the Senate, and is now in set for a vote in the House. Thin plastic bags clog recycling equipment and pollute our waterways with trash and smaller bits as they break down. The required pass-through charge on all paper or durable plastic carryout bags will encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable carryout bags and will level the field between small grocers and large chains that could more easily bury this cost. The bill exempts customers with limited income from the bag charge. Thirty-seven jurisdictions in Washington already have reusable bag restrictions, and this bill would make the regulations uniform across the state, a feature highly important to grocery stores large and small. The details and features in this bill have been carefully negotiated with associations representing large and small grocery stores to balance cost and benefit. Ask your Representative in to pass this bill without further amendment. 

This action is no longer active.

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