Ask the Senate Environment Committee to hold Washington STRONG Act vote

Senate Bill 5373, or Washington STRONG, will secure up to $16 billion for investments to assist in post-pandemic recovery, reduce the state’s carbon footprint, and reduce the effects of climate change and pollution in marginalized communities both urban and rural. Funding begins with tax obligation bonds that can begin achieving results quickly, rather than a fund that builds slowly over time. All investments are tied to climate resiliency and greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The bonds will be repaid with a tax on carbon that starts at $25 per ton of CO2 equivalent indexing over time.

Targeted investments include: renewable hydrogen, soil management, bioenergy, and biofuels, weatherization, geothermal, reducing vehicle miles traveled, high speed rail and rail electrification, cleaner alternative fuels for farm vehicles and equipment. A focus is assured on projects addressing climate burdens of marginalized communities and consultation with tribes.

Last week the bill received a hearing in the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy and Technology, but we need a vote in that committee to move it toward a vote on the Senate floor. If your senator is on this committee (Carlyle, Lovelett, Ericksen, Brown, Das, Fortunato, Hobbs, Liias, Nguyen, Sheldon, Short, Stanford, Wellman), please use this Action Alert to request that they bring this bill to a vote at the earliest opportunity and move it toward a vote on the senate floor. Remember, you may edit and personalize the subject line and body text to emphasize what’s important to you.

This action is no longer active.

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