Tell the Legislature to Pass the Clean Fuels Bill

The League of Women Voters of Washington believes that global climate change is one of the most serious threats facing our state, nation and planet today, and we advocate measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enact measures that promote climate resiliency, and invest in clean energy programs.

HB 1091 requires reducing the carbon content of transportation fuels 20% by 2035. Transportation emissions account for approximately 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Besides doing our part to reduce climate change, this measure will help improve air quality and public health and encourage more homegrown jobs in the production of clean, low-carbon fuels.

We must pursue all promising methods for reducing our carbon footprint in Washington. We believe the experience with clean fuel standards in neighboring states shows this is a viable approach that will not raise fuel prices excessively if at all, and will facilitate market competition for alternatives to the most carbon intensive fuel sources. Many clean fuel technologies will benefit from the features of HB 1091, and as petroleum and coal enjoyed benefits in their day. We must ensure that Washington has every opportunity to develop a homegrown clean fuel industry competitive with other states and other nations. New business is the engine of a growing economy and prosperity.

Therefore, the League of Women Voters of Washington strongly supports the passage of a Clean Fuel Standard. We encourage you to personalize the note to legislators with reasons why this is important to you. If your legislator is on this committee and does not appear in the contact form, search for their email address and send a direct email. The contact form will be updated shortly.

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