Support accurate redistricting

Support accurate representation and urge your Representative to pull 2SSB 5287 out of the House Rules Committee to the House floor, and to vote for it. For the purposes of legislative redistricting, 2SSB 5287 adjusts prison populations from their current count in prison districts to their home districts. Counting prison populations in prison leads to inaccurate representation and underfunding of the needs of the prisoners' home districts. Everyone deserves to be counting where they and their families live. Better representation means a better democratic republic. 

Known as the "prison gerrymandering" bill, this bill amends the U.S. Census Bureau data with information from the Washington State Department of Corrections and sends the adjsted numbers to the Redistricting Commission. This will result in more accurate representation in congressional, legislative and local districts. If prisoners in Washington State were formerly from outside the state or have an unknown prior address, they will be removed from the data for the purposes of redistricting within Washington. This will not affect Washington's apportionment in the U.S. House of Representatives.  

Please contact your Representatives and ask them to vote YES on this bill. Please put your own touches on the following note. 


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