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Current state law does not allow non-charter jurisdictions (most counties and cities in Washington) to use any election method other than plurality (first past the post). This means that the only electoral system available to most Washington residents is the one that, on many counts, is the most flawed. The Local Options Bill (HB 1722 / SB 5708seeks to change this by creating a uniform law under which jurisdictions throughout the state may adopt Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).

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  • RCV has been embraced by voters in many jurisdictions around the country, including Memphis, TN; Santa Fe, NM; Oakland, CA; and the state of Maine.
  • Voters using RCV know that their vote will not accidentally support a candidate they oppose.
  • Election campaigns are more positive under RCV, as candidates vie for second and third choice votes instead of simply vilifying their opponents. 
  • Voters in RCV systems have more choices at the general election. Instead of choosing between two candidates, they are allowed the option to rank five and therefore have more say in the outcome of the election.
  • RCV allows most primary elections to be eliminated, thereby saving voter time and local taxpayer money.
  • RCV increases the representativeness of governing bodies by replacing unrepresentative, low turnout elections and giving multiple candidates appealing to the same community the option to run without splitting the vote.
  • The Local Options Bill requires nothing. It simply makes a better election system available to all Washington voters.
  • Ranked Choice Voting is not a new idea and was used throughout the United States in the early 20th century. It succeeded then in giving voters more choices and better representation, and it can do so again today.

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