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The House Transportation Committee had a public hearing on January 31 for HB 1160, making transportation appropriations for the 2019-2021 fiscal biennium. This bill represents the Governor’s proposed transportation package. Last week, the Senate Transportation Committee had a public hearing on a discussion package (no bills prepared yet) that would be refined to a specific proposal during the legislative session.

The transportation budget is separate from the other two state budgets, Operating and Capital.  It also has its own schedule in the Legislature. Typically, the budgets, including transportation, get adopted at the very end of the session.

However, now is the time to influence what might happen. The House is unlikely to adopt the Governor’s proposal intact; and the Senate is clearly negotiating the elements of the Transportation Chair’s list of potential expenditures and revenue sources.

From League’s perspective, while there is a need for most of the projects being discussed in both the House and Senate, what is under-funded in both cases is transit. Now is the time to emphasize transit service and shift transportation priorities. While the Senate list includes some increases in financial support for transit, that is still not enough to address actual needs.

Please contact your own legislators and members of the House and Senate Transportation Committees now and let them know that you want more funding for transit. Now is the time for a shift in transportation habits, to reduce automobile use and reflect that by increasing transit support. But we can’t achieve that without more transit service. Let your legislators know you want more transit because:

  • Building more road capacity will encourage, not deter, automobile use
  • Even in urban areas, current transit levels of service are not sufficient to meet the needs of people who are in low-income or special needs categories
  • Increased transit service would reduce congestion, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

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